What is WEB?

Females comprise over 50% of the global population. American females make 75 – 85% of all purchasing decisions.

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is the world’s only company that studies women and beer. Conducting qualitative research on women and their relationship with beer, we’re able to educate both consumers and professionals based on that research. Asking lots of “Why?” questions of the female consumer leads to singular insight that is immediately useful and positively impactful when utilized by the beer industry.

All industries that want to realize market understanding of the female buyer and consumer can inquire about our services. Please reference our Services page to get started.

We’re also asked: Does the world need this? To that we say resoundingly YES!

Studying and then educating forward changes the world for the better. Every time a population that has previously not been included in a conversation is invited and can contribute in a meaningful way aids progress for all.

Beyond Beer

Women are everywhere.

Discovering how and most importantly why women make their decisions is at the core of how we work with you to improve the world.

It’s time to make the world a better place with research based education of women + how they make decisions. We’ve much to do. Call on us when we may be at your service.

Our clients cross industries and organization groups. When you want to successfully attract more female market share, call us. We can help.

Onward. Thank you.

Ginger Johnson, CEO/Founder

What do we do?

Women Enjoying Beer offers a variety of services always customized to fit clients and situations, consumer to professional, beer industry and otherwise. All services utilizes research based education to shift culture forward.

No matter what industry, community, or organization you are with, chances are strong we can help you grow and flourish.

Services include:

  • Internal Education within Companies and Organizations
  • Internal Education for Your Accounts
  • External Education for Consumers (i.e. events, festivals & private affairs)
  • Presentations and Speaking (including fundraising events & service clubs)
  • Writing and Content Development
  • Market Advisement for Your Brands
  • Brand Evaluation per the Female Consumer
  • Retail Advisement
  • Educational Entertainment for your events (conventions, conferences, retreats)
  • Lively Demos and Lessons
  • Beer and Food Tastings and Pairings
  • Cooking With Beer & Beer and Food Presentations

WEB Partners

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Upcoming Events

Coming Events:

Will you be in these places? Then be in touch – let’s get together for a refreshment!

Craft Beverage Expo, Santa Clara CA May 6 – 8

Women’s Leadership Conference, Medford OR May 15

National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago IL May 16 – 19

Whistler Bike, Whistler British Columbia Canada May 31 – June 2

SAVOR, Washington DC June 5 & 6

World Cup, Vancouver British Columbia Canada June & July 2015

Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace, Dallas TX June 28 & 29

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