The Story

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB), established 2008, is the only independent company focused on the female consumer and beer.

Wait…what?? Why do we need to talk about women & beer?

Well, it’s really all about education and opportunity.

By talking about these two fundamentals of life – women & beer –  we can make progress on a much bigger plane. It takes everyone to make progress happen so we study women and their relationship with beer, engage with consumer and professionals of all makes and models, and continue to challenge incorrect myths, damaging stereotypes and open minds to rethink how we look at life.

Ginger Johnson, Founder/CEO, is available for professional services covering entertaining and educational speaking, marketing advisement, brand and image evaluation, marketing consultation, internal and external education and training, private beer and food events, and press and media appearances.

Services can be found here for WEB + here for Ginger Johnson Marketing. Looking forward to working with you. Cheers – g

Contact her at 515.450.7757 (PST time zone) and Phone calls always preferred over email.


Highlights & Notes

Ginger presenting at the (fabulous) Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines festival, CO

Ginger presenting at the (fabulous) Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines festival, CO

2008: Company was founded (in Iowa) to pursue this question: “Why don’t more women enjoy beer?” It’s been the driver of the business to find out WHY and continues to push progress forward.

2009: WEB launches at the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston, MA, USA. Ginger presents ‘What About The Other 50%? Developing and Serving the Female Beer Consumer’ to a packed audience.

Ginger travels cross country on a Home-Free Tour, covering 15K miles with her family. Along the way various women + beer events take place: Snake River Brewing/WY, Standing Stone Brewing Company/OR, GABF/CO among them. Lots of tasting the local beers and foods as travels progress.

2010: New World Headquarters is established upon completion of the trip (OR = new home). Extensive brewpub consult ensues; WEB launches monthly meet-ups for women and beer, works with various clients to educate, consult and progress the idea of beer in the community as positive attribute.

2011: Begins to be invited to festivals to educate and vend wares as requested by consumers, presents at the National Beer Wholesalers Association national convention (2nd year in a row)

2012: Attends 27 fests and events across the country, educating, entertaining, vending and meeting with interested people; speaks at 2012 CBC, 2012 NBWA (3rd year), service clubs close to home; Industry Sponsor at Great American Beer Festival

2013: We celebrate our 5th year in business (November), invited to Toronto’s Festival of Beers (1st American on stage/Beer & Food demo)/Canada, invited to present and judge at Congreso Cerveza Mexico/Mexico City, more fests, presenting, writing, and educating.

courtesy of Bob McClenahan

courtesy of Bob McClenahan

2014: Continued research to discover all the facets of Why for the female consumer, expanding to various industries including beer, food, beverages; extensive travel on deck; monthly TV segments of cooking; writings in various publications. Returning and new clients welcome.

2015: Evolution is constant (um…of course). Ginger ends the touring to festivals with the bright orange Women Enjoying Beer tent AND charts a redirected course on education, consulting and speaking. In April she gives her first TED talk – watch it here.

2015: Ginger Johnson Marketing is launched; both companies are related – both focus on marketing insight and consulting to help businesses gain stronger, sustainable marketshare.

2016: Ginger continues to work with people and entities who understand there is much to gain by tuning into the world’s most powerful population: women & females. Speaking, consulting, and marketing insight are all part & parcel of the ongoing mission of improved gender equity, utilizing the approach of women & beer to do so.