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Texas Restaurant Association annual convention, Dallas TX June 2015

Whistler Bike Conference, Whistler BC Canada June 2015

National Restaurant Association, Chicago IL May 2015

Women’s Leadership Conference, Medford OR May 2015

courtesy of Bob McClenahan

Ginger presenting at TEDxNapaValley 2015, courtesy of Bob McClenahan

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Southern Oregon University Leadership Series April 2014

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All Ale The Ladies 2015, Washington DC

All Ale The Ladies 2015, Washington DC

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For The Love Of Beer world premier, Portland OR 2011

For The Love Of Beer world premier, Portland OR 2011


For The Love Of Beer, world premier August 2011, Portland OR, Ginger featured in the film

Written by Ginger Johnson

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KDRV In The Kitchen, Yogurt: Fresh Summer Dip May 2015

KDRV In The Kitchen, Beerinade April 2015

Toronto’s Festival of Beers, Taiwanese TV station interview July 2014

KTVL American Craft Beer Week, Medford OR May 2014

KTVL Part 1, In the Kitchen With Ginger, Baked Belgian French Toast, December 2013

KTVL Part 2, In the Kitchen with Ginger, Warm Bacon, Spinach & Barleywine dip, December 2013

KTVL Part 3 In the Kitchen with Ginger, Chocolate Stout Cake, December 2013

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Oskar Blues newsletter 11.17.11

“It makes perfect sense for women to enjoy beer and Oskar Blues is a superb brewery to feature in their beer-explorations. Everyone likes flavor, especially women, and Oskar Blues Brewery beers deliver on that…” – Ginger Johnson, founder/Women Enjoying Beer. An article on states that women are one of the biggest growth drivers for the craft beer industry, and in 2010, 27% of women said they enjoy beer over wine or liquor, up 6% from 2009.