The Book Week That Was

Thanks to everyone who came out the book events in Denver last week, during the Great American Beer Festival.

  • Kokopelli Beer Company got us off and running (and sipping) by hosting 2 events: the first for beer pros & media, talking about the book, what’s in it and how to use it. The second was a screening of my TED talk for everyone. Both groups were engaged, fun and participated actively.
  • A tour of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science by Dr. Nicole Garneau was a real treat. I’m a tour junkie and the behind the scenes is always the most interesting ‘exhibit’ around.
  • Ginger with TV Journalist, Heather Mills, FOX Denver

    Ginger with TV Journalist, Heather Mills, FOX Denver

    TV time with very fun & sharp Heather Mills, KDVR FOX Denver, provided a morning boost! Their whole team is very smooth, calm and professional. Here’s the clip.

  • Visit Denver then took credentialed media around on buses to 3 breweries in Denver. As is their style, they take good care of us as guests and the bonus of Ed Sealover as our guide sealed the deal.
  • Book signings at GABF itself were good – both Thursday and Friday nights. The opportunity to meet with and talk to people who know the book holds real (ROI style) value is always gratifying.
  • The big World Premier Book Launch party at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret, with my venerable crew Diane, Dave & Marty, was a success. Our partner in this event was Ska Brewing – pints up to them for ‘getting’ there’s something to this. T’was fun to have a crew of Ska peep present & participating.
  • img_5015Wrap it up by attending a Brewers Association Press Conference – super useful insight – and then a special session of Paired – beer & food pairing at the GABF – and you’ve got quite the week!
  • The cherry on top was a radio interview with Gary Valliere, American Craft Beer Radio, Saturday, as we eased on down the road home.
  • People met, reconnections with friends and colleagues, many conversations & a few beers, books discussed signed & sold. It’s all part and parcel to my world in the beer community.

What was your week like?

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Creativity = Business Success

How do beer and chocolate go together? What’s the business element? How do you combine seemingly unrelated ideas productively?

Check this out:

Go connect some dots.

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In The Kitchen with Ashley KTVL

It’s great to share ideas live with the KTVL Channel 10 Crew. Cheers to Ashley Carrasco, Morning Reporter, who I joined in the studio for the first time. All the others had been in my kitchen or afield.

In these clips we talk about healthy eating. Here’s the first one:

It was a tasty treat to be there in the television studio with the entire crew: Ashley, Liz, Will, and Whitney.

Enjoy and tune in next time.


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BeerRadio: Holiday Listening and Learning Pleasure

I wait for it. And then it happens. The phone rings in the radio station studio and we’re off and talking into another episode of BeerRadio.

What is BeerRadio?

BeerRadio: Wednesdays 5 - 6 pm PST, streamable on

BeerRadio: Wednesdays 5 – 6 pm PST, streamable on

Over three years ago I started our BeerRadio program on a local station. It’s a weekly program talking with, listening to, and learning from various beer industry professionals. They’re from all sorts of angles in the community and offer insight into their specific area of expertise in the industry.

It’s very enjoyable, educational and conversationally designed to learn about facets of beer people haven’t considered.

Visit and download the BeerRadio Archives here.

With over 160 guests in the archive line up there are sure to be some shows you’ll want to down load and listen to. The programs are 50 to 55 minutes in length, so download and let them go while you’re puttering around your home and office, garage and yard.

Our record stands strong with no missed call ins – the gracious guests do in fact call into the station for the show. There’s usually a few moments of very subtle “I hope they remember” thoughts though they are quickly dashed once the phone rings.

We welcome guest suggestions and feedback. Sometimes we get in-studio guests, usually they call in from wherever they are – across the USA, Hawaii included, as well as a few international guests.

Thanks to all my previous guests, future guests and listeners hungry for tasty radio programming. Thanks also to Carson at KSKQ for his unflagging support and my producer (who manages the technical side of the show), Larry.

So until next week, Cheers ~


A snapshot of recent guests….

BeerRadio Episode 161/November 19, 2014 – Tony Magee, Lagunitas Brewing
BeerRadio Episode 160/November 12, 2014 – Brandon Overstreet, Swing Tree Brewing
BeerRadio Episode 159/November 5, 2014 – Anne Glazer, Stoel Rives
BeerRadio Episode 158/October 29, 2014 – Duke Geren, Bison Brewing
BeerRadio Episode 157/October 22, 2014 – Gerri Kustelski, Summit Brewing
BeerRadio Episode 156/October 15, 2014 – Jared Long, Altitude Brewery & Chophouse
BeerRadio Episode 155/October 8, 2014 – Elese & Harvey Claussen, The Zythos Project
BeerRadio Episode 154/September 24, 2014 – Krissy Zinski & Rocky Rabjohns, Snake River Brewing
BeerRadio Episode 153/September 17, 2014 – Heather McClung, Schooner Exact Brewing

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Beer Smoothies & Summer Drinks

You heard me right. Beer in smoothies can be just the ticket for a refreshing summer drink. Why let the spirits mixologists have all the fun!?

Molly, KTVL & Ginger on air talking up Beer Smoothies

Molly, KTVL & Ginger on air talking up Beer Smoothies

Here are a few ideas and pointers in using beer in smoothies.

1. Like any smoothie, work together with complementary flavors. Use hearty chocolately stouts in ice cream based smoothies and shakes. Adding malted milk powder will enhance the body and echo the malty flavor contribution of the beer.

2. Add modest amounts of beer. A little goes a long way, so start with smaller quantities (a few tablespoons) and build as desired.

3. To avoid over-foaming, use ingredients that are in the same temperature range. Drastic differences between beers, the container you’re mixing in and other ingredients will cause some assertive carbonation release.

4. Do beer tastings in advance to find out what flavors in which beers stand out would serve you well in your smoothie and beer drinks adventures. Does it have a grapefruity crispness? Then use fresh citrus. Does it have a moderate malty sweetness? Then try lush fruits and vegetables with low acid attributes.

If you’ve never tried a beer smoothie, now’s the time. Having made both beer floats and beer malted milkshakes before, I can tell you it’s a fun and unexpected experience. Go on, get your smoothie on!

Go Here: Visit your local beer store and talk to the crew to help you pick out a few flavors of beer you wish to try.

Try This: Beer floats are classic: rich stouts with a scoop of coffee, chocolate, or vanilla ice cream are waiting. Deep stone fruit porters beg for a scoop of raspberry sorbets. Pour a grapefruity IPA over a dollop of lemon gelato.

This article originally appeared on Your Home with Karie Engels, where Ginger is her regular Beer Contributor. The article was inspired by Ginger’s time with Reporter Molly Trotter/KTVL talking about Smoothies

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Calling Color Commentary

When you think of broadcasters, do you think of a particular person? Perhaps you think of a style, personified by a particular person. Did you think of a kind of broadcaster, like sports, when you read the post title here?

A wise colleague told me once you should only do color commentary IF you’ve played the game before. I’d agree.

Who’s to say a move, plot or idea was a good one, bad one, amazing one, or foolish one without having first been in that position before. Who indeed is someone who’s actually and literally ‘been there, done that.’

You have to know what you're looking at to call color commentary

You have to know what you’re looking at to call color commentary

This particular colleague had been invited to give color commentary (she’d done it in the past too). Plus she’d been a very active participant in the activity she was asked to call and was up to date on the current landscape of the activity. Good fit all around, especially for the end listener who is relying on a professional and skilled commentator.

As a kid I remember making fun of the golf commentators. My sister and I would snicker at the Saturday afternoon golf tourneys my folks would occasionally watch. We’d watch a bit then remove ourselves to another room, so as not to totally ruin it for my parents. We then proceeded to make fun of the narrative, and becoming instant commentators ourselves mimicking whose we’d seen. We’d expound in our own goofy way til we were laughing so hard no sounds were coming out of either of us.

My own childhood experience aside, commentators should only be commenting and guiding conversation if they’re knowledgeable, reputable and diplomatic.

Color commentary involves way more than simply watching an activity and then giving a running narrative. The audience and the subjects will all be best served by those who are qualified to do so.

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In The Kitchen Series WEB & KTVL

What a ball! To work with a reporter interested in offering useful and enjoyable information about beer and food. Thanks to Molly Trotter, Reporter at KTVL Channel 10 for the engagement.

Molly & I In The Kitchen

Molly & I In The Kitchen

Here are our spots from earlier this week, In The Kitchen With Ginger, all made with beer:

The recipes are on the news channel website with the links. I hope you enjoy whipping one or more of them up for yourself.

I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention and thank Caitlin Conrad, another very able-bodied Reporter at KTVL for our first few segments together, as well as one segment with Jenica Villamor, Reporter. Kingsley Kelley, station General Manager, is due recongnition for his support and unfailing fun professionalism he brings to everyone who gets to meet him.

Enjoy the clips  – we’ll share more in the future, as they happen.

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ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food: Letter P

Hint: What Prohibits you from enjoying your beer??

The Letter P brings us to that ‘Noble Experiment’ in the USA known as Prohibition. Woof – and what a doozy it was!

If you’ve never read up or thought about the era of Prohibition in the United States of America, it’s a good day to do. When the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick film premiered on PBS a few years ago, I learned volumes on what it was actually about, how everyone was affected, and how it changed our entire nation.


SOPTV & Prohibition Film event

Suffice it to say everyone needs to educate themselves on this part of American herstory. So many facets of life were working towards, against, and every other possible way either for or against the legalization of alcohol.

I learned a great deal by partnering with my local public television station in hosting a series of events that utilized this great film and its pending release with fundraising efforts. It’s something I’m truly proud to have been involved with and still embrace talking about.

The absolute prohibition of any one thing – alcohol and food included – will always lead to other absolutes. The world is grey, very rarely black and white, and absolutes put into place and either enforced or totally discounted will have far-reaching and unpredictable outcomes.

For now, only prohibit yourself from being a snob of any variety and keep learning. Keep sharing that knowledge forward to everyone’s benefit.

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Virtual Tasting on BeerRadio today

Today will be our first BeerRadio Virtual Tasting featuring sponsor Ninkasi Brewing. I know I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the scoop:

P1100768At 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, this week’s episode of BeerRadio will begin on our home station Stream along with us. Inviting friends and nibbles to the mix makes it all the better and more educational.

We’ll taste, examine, and talk about the following beers:

Participate from the comfort of your home and favorite local establishments. Sip along!

The studio phone line will be open as well so call in to share ideas, thoughts and suggestions 541-482-3999. Larry will answer the phone with relish.

Ninkasi isn’t yet in your market place? Choose other beers you want to explore and join us all the same. It’s all about the exploration and sharing, education and social quality a beer tasting is designed to accomplish.

If you’re in Southern Oregon and want to join us live in the studio, call me directly by 3 pm PST. We have room for 3 – 4 women & men who want to sip along.

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BeerRadio Archives and Downloads

BeerRadio: Weekly program by WEB, on KSKQ

In case you’re new to BeerRadio, it’s our weekly live recorded radio show with fun and interesting beer community folks. These are people who freely give an hour of their time in the name of good clean educational beer fun! Encore shows (previous episodes) are plugged in once in a while as well.

It’s a treat to get the call in the KSKQ Studio each week, ready to engage and talk with passionate and enlightening people all over the country. I’m thankful for all the fine folks who have given so generously of their time and insight, shared their thoughts, and helped us continue to offer more beer education.

Here’s a link to the Archive page – and WEB has a Radio & Video page here as well. Thank you to my producer Larry as well.

Below are the top downloads to this point. Who would you like to hear on the show? Send requests directly to

With a year and a half + on the records, it keeps getting better and more enjoyable! Cheers to great listening education.

Date Guest Company/Beer Connection Downloads
20120404 Rebecca Newman Dogfish Head 167
20120718 Win Bassett NC Brewers Guild 48
20120411 Julie Levy Grand Teton Brewing 43
20120815 Meg Gill Golden Road Brewing 40
20110713 Steven Pauwels Boulevard Brewing 34
20110810 Audra Marotta Mother Earth Brewing 29
20120829 Gina Schauland Deschutes Brewing 29
20120711 Chris Shepard Craft Brew News 28
20120822 Evan Benn St. Louis Post Dispatch 25
20111102 Veronica Vega Deschutes 25
20111019 Oliva Cerio Empire Brewing 24
20111214 Emily Engdahl PDX Beer Geeks 24
20110907 Shauna Carter PDX Brewery in Planning 22
20120104 Nancy Frketich Oregon Hops Commission 19
20121003 Jennifer O’Connell Georgia Ale & Lager Sirens 17
20110629 Josh Brewer Mother Earth Brewing 17
20110720 Ginger Johnson Beer Book episode 17
20110525 Julie Wartell 16
20110921 Matt Van Wyk Oakshire Brewing 16
20110302 Ginger Johnson Beer and Food 16
20111012 Steve Parkes American Brewers Guild 15
20120418 Fred Bueltmann New Holland Brewing 15
20110330 Ginger Johnson CBC Follow-Up 14
20111228 David Kapral AB Retired Brewmaster 14
20120111 Chris Erickson Snake River Brewing 14
20111207 Lauren Salazar New Belgium Brewing 14
20120208 Mike Kallenberger Tropos Brand Consulting 14
20110914 Stevie Caldarola Ladies of Craft Beer 13
20110504 Sarah Huska Cicerone Certification Program 13
20110406 John Holl & Journalist 13
20110413 Deverie Hart HurraBier 13
20120606 Brandon Turman 13
20110427 Renee Deluca Brewer’s Daughter 12
20120215 Hugh Sisson Heavy Seas Beer 12
20120523 David Walker Firestone Walker Brewing 12
20120425 Burc McFarlen Seattle Beer Authority 12
20120919 Dan Vandervort Hikes and Pints 12
20111221 Theresa Carpine Ladies of Craft Beer 11
20110817 Alison Grayson The Love of Beer–movie 11
20111005 Lisa Morrison The Beer Goddess 11
20121024 Gail Oberst Oregon Beer Growler 11
20110316 Ginger Johnson CAMFA–WEB signature training 10
20110824 Julia Herz Brewers Association 10

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Listen Up! BeerRadio Every Week

You may know we have a weekly radio show: BeerRadio. It’s been cranking along for almost a year and a half now and we’re having a great time with it!

The whole premise is to offer fun education format to learn more about beer the beer community with a live guest each week from the beer community. These willing, smart and good humored folks are all over the country and from all areas of beer enthusiasm and knowledge.

logo designer = Curtis Taylor

The shows are aired live for the first time every Wednesday from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time; they are streamable live as well – click on “Listen Now!”, upper left side of the top.

We invite you to listen in via our *new* Radio & Video Page, as well as scroll through the Archives on to download any episodes for your pleasure. Please feel very free to share them forward to others who want to enjoy learning more about beer and beer folks.

Thanks for the support. If you really like one program, if you really like the idea of a beer radio program, and if you feel compelled to act on that, it is community supported radio – donations are welcome always. If you’d like to be an underwriter of the show via Women Enjoying Beer, we’re ready to talk to you as well.

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Beer Radio on KSKQ: Gina Schauland of Deschutes Brewery (8/29/12)

Learn about beer with conversations of people from all over the beer community on KSKQ 89.5 each Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 pm.

Gina Schauland of Deschutes Brewery and passionate beer enthusiast joins us for a fun hour of beer conversation.

Find out how Gina came to ‘discover’ modern flavorful beers, why she chose Bend OR, and what group she’s formed to further female beer engagement in the wonderful world of beer. Gina also gives us insight into the Bend Beer Culture and believes that there is a time and place for every beer.

Pour yourself a fresh beer and enjoy ~

Download Here:  39.1 MB

This program originally broadcast on KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland, Oregon – streamed at

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KSKQ Beer Radio: Evan Benn and the St. Louis Beer Scene (8/22/12)

Learn about beer with conversations of people from all over the beer community on KSKQ 89.5 each Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 pm.

BeerRadio for 22 August 2012 – Evan Benn, beer columnist and food critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, calls in for our 67th episode. Hear about his path into beer, how he approaches being a journalist and reporter, and about the St. Louis Beer Scene. We also talk a bit about cooking with beer and he makes some delicious suggestions! Pour a pint for yourself and enjoy the show ~

Download Here:  40.7 MB

This program originally broadcast on KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland, Oregon – streamed at

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