Women Enjoying Beer

“Businesses that know The Why behind the buy will realize great rewards.” – G Johnson

You save & make more money by taking care of the customers you already have.

American women make 75 – 85% of all USA purchasing decisions, across categories

Our services are designed and customized to develop, grow and strengthen your female (& male) beer buyer and consumer market share. Growers, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, brewers, guilds, associations, distributors, retailers, restaurants, bars and every business involved in the beer world can benefit from knowing how to market to women. 

Marketing is Communication

Doing the front-end work will be well worth the time and effort when you see the resulting back-end goals – increased & reliable traffic, revenue and satisfaction of customers and employees. It will keep leading you into the future by providing solid customers, referrals for your wares and goodwill which begets loyalty and more sales.

Guests doing a pledge with me at Big Beers 2016

Cooking with beer class at Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines, Vail CO 2016

Working Together

Ginger brought a high level of fun to our first (and we hope annual) 2010 Rogue River raft and craft beer trip. Besides her gregarious personality, Ginger has a deep understanding of the beers that were served on the trip; at each evening’s tasting she spoke about the beers’ histories and “back stories.” What makes her truly unique is her infectious love of the beer industry coupled with her ability to connect that love with the audience that she is addressing. Ginger has got it going and our guests totally related to her sincerity.

Joy Henkle, Bob Meister, White Water Warehouse, Corvallis OR

All services are customized to each client. Call us at 515.450.7757 PST to begin the conversation. Rates and fees are commensurate on goals, time lines, and reach. Clear Letters Of Agreement (LOA) are created with every client for every project to ensure clarity of scope and terms.

Plus we offer Life Support with our services: all reasonable calls, conversations and communications directly tied to services purchased are included.

Contact Ginger at 515.450.7757

Notes: All related travel & supply expenses are added onto fees. Payment due in full, in advance to reserve the date.


Thank you so much for speaking at Science Pub last night. You are a really great presenter and as is evidence by the audience evaluations.

Andrea Middleton, Events Manager, OMSI / Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland OR

Audiences expect and deserve engaging presenters. You need a great value.

Effective speakers present, educate, and provoke thought and action. Ginger is all of that + infectious energy.

Here’s one example: her 2015 TED talk.

YES!! Not *yawn*……She’s spoken to audiences and groups ’round the North American continent and is available to come to you.

Hiring Ginger to address and speak at your business meetings, keynote addresses, conventions, banquets, fundraising events, organization happenings, and private occasions. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make all year. You’ll be happy and your colleagues will thank you for it too.

Options include:

  • Keynote Address, Emcee, Hosting, Panelist

Event Entertainment & Customer Events

Energy. Enthusiasm. Value.

That’s what you want for your guests and that’s what your guests want too. Ginger delivers a variety of topics in a lively engaging fun style to make everyone walk away saying “WOW! That was a blast…and I learned a few things too.”

Beer week events, tastings, pairings, ‘cooking with’ demos, HerStory talk, and other topics – menu available upon request.

Rates vary, inquire with the details of your events.

Education & Training, Workshops & Demonstrations

Education makes the world go round. Give it more than lip service.

Business people who fully understand the value of education hire Ginger to come, deliver and develop your success – of your people, of your efforts, of your business, all within your communities.

Workshops, classes, demos and all formats of interactive, purposeful and useful education is what you get to build you, your people and your business.

Consulting & Coaching

Marketing + Business = Everything is Possible.

Well done marketing helps your business thrive. It’s a foundational element for all successful endeavors to master. Its core is effective and efficient communication. We work together on your strategy, tactics, and goals with your specific resources and needs in focus.

Options in here include:

  • Marketing Coach – 6 month (renewable) agreement to guide you in best & successful marketing beer to women. Each month includes one 2 hour conference call + weekly check-in calls + supporting emails & short phone calls directly related to the agreement. 6 month term, renewable.
  • Discovery Sessions – high value guided brainstorming to get you out of spin cycle and into move mode.

Beverage & Food

Knowing how to enjoy beverage and food is key to all producer, maker and hospitality entities. Ginger’s services here include:

  • Private beverage and food events
  • Beverage and Food Pairing classes
  • Speaking & Entertainment

“Before Women Enjoying Beer, I thought beer went only on Oktoberfest and with pizza. Now I not only know more about beer and brewing, but am a believer that beer goes with dessert too (my favorite course). Our monthly meet-ups are a great time to meet new friends, learn more about beer, laugh, and enjoy beer pared with delicious foods. Ginger is an instigator of beer trivia and laughter, and a great source of social inspiration around the beer venue. It’s a new day of Women Enjoying Beer at its best and getting better all the time.” – Dr. Eileen Dunn, enthusiastic consumer

Yes, a great time was had by all!

Ginger & guests at Ladyface Alehouse beer & food pairing event.

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