International Women’s Day 2014

Saturday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. What does that precisely mean? And why do we feel we have a need to recognize women?

Here are 10 good reasons.

1. Females make up over half of the population. From those who enjoy Your Home to those who are as far-flung as our imaginations can carry us, and everywhere in between.

2. Women have always been brewers (see, I stayed on topic). Brewing is cooking, and women have always been actively engaged in the food arena in life.

Celebrate women: International Women's Day 3.8.14

Celebrate women: International Women’s Day 3.8.14

3. In a great majority of countries women are still second-class citizens and that’s fundamentally wrong. No one gender of person has more or less value than another.

4. Women in America are still paid, on average, 23% less than male counterparts.

5. Women are capable of everything and able to do anything.

6. Women are the reason we’re around. Yes it takes two to reproduce and women bear the majority of that task.

7. There are certainly celebrated women the world over, yet not enough.

8. There are scores of underappreciated and even recognized women and females the world over, wherein “any” is too many.

9. Women keep changing the world for the better.

10. It’s a proven fact via myriad research that societies with a mindful equity respect for women and men are so much more productive, healthy, and happy populations.

Notice I use the word equity instead of equality. (Mirriam-Webster) Nature has a way of equalizing things, yet we’re not in charge here. Humans should aim for equity instead of equality.

I look forward to the days where gender is a non-issue. Alas! It still is and talking about it and acting to change it will be the way to remove the inequitable in our world. It’ll never be the impossible perfect, yet it can be a whole world of good better.

So today’s the day (as is every day) to recognize, thank, and appreciate women. Skip the chocolates, massages, and other tired pithy nonsense and say THANK YOU. Ask her what you can do for her that holds real meaning and purpose. Do something that really matters. It may make you slightly uncomfortable and that’s how progress is made.

I thank you for reading. And I’ll thank you more for acting for women the globe over.

Till the next glass –


Go Here: Time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give. Volunteer with an organization that truly works towards female equity. A quick Internet search will yield countless opportunities to help, from the Girl Scouts to human trafficking.

Try This: Give the gift of your time to a female you don’t know: Visit an elder care facility and talk with the women you meet (residents and staff), walk some dogs at the shelter (equal opportunity here), and anonymously donate a few dollars to a female focused charity.

This column was originally published on Your Home with Karie Engels.

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31+ Women To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

Do you know 31 females that you can celebrate?

I can think of dozens, all for different reasons, in many different facets of familiarity.Some I know well, some less so, some not yet (and would like to share a beer with for sure).

Here are some I celebrate today, International Women’s Day, in no particular order, with plenty more where these came from….

Is that more than 31?? So what…I could go on.

Now you – go on. Make your own list.

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March Is Women’s HerStory Month

Celebrating IWD at Louie's 2011

Find and highlight 31 reasons to celebrate Women’s Herstory Month – it starts today!!

And International Women’s Day is Thursday March 8th. Show women they matter by making a big deal out of it.

  • 31 Women and females you know and care about
  • 31 Influential female figures in your world
  • 31 Attributes women bring to the world
  • 31 Female homebrewers
  • 31 Female professional brewers
  • 31 Female beer professionals
  • 31 Women

You can do it. Women are doing it everyday.

p.s. International Men’s Day = November 19th

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Up On The Bar To Celebrate Women

Ginger on the Bar at Louie's

Yes, the crazy woman on the bar at Louie’s last night was your truly. It was all in the name of celebrating women on International Women’s Day. Alright – so it was fun too. Good fun for a good reason.


Women and beer.

We’ll assume you celebrated the 50.9% of the population that is women, that you celebrated the women in your organization, looked at how women and men in your organization are paid equally for their efforts, and otherwise are also working toward greater equality.

If you missed any of these, you can do so today. Yes, now is the perfect time.

Like craft beer in comparison with the 6m barrels+ group, women have a lot of ground to make up. Men and women need to step up to make this happen.

Think we’re being overly zealous here? Think about this definition first:

–noun 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

So – if you have any females in your life, and quite frankly, who doesn’t, then this would seem to be an assumed goal for any human interested in progress.

Women and beer go glass in hand to help promote a better balance of the world around us. Using beer as one for better balance and a vehicle and platform is a powerful and effective tool.

Women Enjoying Beer Copyright 2011

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100th Anniversary Celebration of International Women's Day

Tuesday March 8th is the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

In honor of all the women who have historically been and presently are engaged in this incredible beer community, here are a few suggestions Women Enjoying Beer would offer to help your supporters and brand enthusiasts celebrate.
Celebrate International Women's Day

1. Where possible, offer women special pricing on their beers. One local establishment here is offering 23% off all menu items all day. 23% is the discrepancy of women vs. men’s wages.
2. Hold drawings for all kinds of small and big goodies throughout the day for women only. Beer, swag, tours, featured blog posts, and the like all send a great message that women matter.
3. Highlight the women in your beer business. Whether you’re the owner and founder or the janitor, they all deserve to be noticed for their contributions. Post simply signage, pictures of them or whatever you may find appropriate.
4. For retailers and distributors, how about featuring the beers brewed by women/involving women (no sexualized labels and so forth though – that’s counter to the whole idea).
5. Impromptu sampling for the day for all legal aged women.
6. Encourage women to rally round your brand by offer two fer’s (obviously, if applicable/legal/appropriate). 2 Pints for the price of one, a featured beer paired with a menu item, and so forth.
7. Tweet/Facebook/blog/social media the heck out of your appreciation for the 50.9% of the population that helps make your brand possible. Women outpace men in being active on social media.

This is about awareness and action, not reverse discrimination. Here’s an opportunity to really show you value the female craft/beer enthusiast.

Whatever you do, do it with respect, fun and appropriateness and you’ll get more women involved in craft/beer.

Cheers –


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Celebrate Women Presidents

What woman do you know who is a president? Of a country, brewery, duchy, company, school, or other notable institution?

It’s a great day to celebrate women in presidential roles AND do more to get more women in these types of leadership roles.

While there are lots of facets as to why women and men are at such disparate odds in leadership roles, don’t dwell on why that is, figure out how we can all change it.

Here’s a post of Women Leaders (this list is WAY to short), First Ladies (where’s the First Men list??), and Female Heads of State.

It’s impossible to declare a Year Of The Woman when women still lag behind, are held back, and otherwise are not yet much closer to an equilibrium. International Women’s Day is coming up March 8th – you can prepare and plan now to make progress. Looking at pay rates, duties, promotional patterns, educational opportunities and scholarships, mentoring and support. Consciously change exclusive language (‘guys’, i.e. Congressmen, and so forth). It all matters.

Marketing to women properly sends a message that women are noticed, they matter and are compatriots – not extraneous. What are you doing that sends the right message?

So Happy Presidents Day! Thanks the women in presidential leadership roles – do everything you can to help them grow, flourish and lead.  It’s a much bigger thought than any one industry can fathom and will be better for everyone, the globe over.



Worth Celebrating

p1020712Today is recognized as International Women’s Daywoo hoo!

Glasses up to all the incredible women the world over who help make the globe go round and round.

For those of you who may read and say “wait a minute…assigning gender makes WEB a sexist thing” – I can tell you flat out. You’re off base.

If you think WEB is about women, invest some time reading (better yet call me at 515.450.7757) and you’ll learn that Women Enjoying Beer is about education and experience for all. It happens to be an underserved and illserved population.

And at 50.9% of the population, it’s an enormous opportunity to address.

So a few women I’d like to salute today in the beer community include Jeri Kustelski, Rebecca Newman, Darcy Quinn, Teri Fahrendorf, Sebbie Buhler, Laura Ulrich, Rhonda Kallman, Corkie Odell, Melody Daversa, Jena Frances, Nicole, Danielle Amarotico, Christine McKeever and many others I’m surely forgetting at this exact moment.


p.s. for those of you in the Southern Oregon Area…here’s our next event.

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