Beer Connections

Whenever we head to a festival, it’s simply a matter of time (usually in minutes) before we connect with someone who:

  • Is someone we already know in the beer community
  • Is an immediate connection to another person in the beer community we know

Willimantic Brewing (CT) Fans

Walt was right: It’s a small world after all and the beer community is even smaller. This is another characteristic of the beer community that makes the pursuit of WEB enjoyable. The professional colleagues, the consumers, the vendors and suppliers, the distributors and retailers. We all make up an incredible web of folks progressing the high quality beers we know and love. And the ones we don’t yet know in a taste bud way yet can’t wait to embrace.

Our picture today is two beer lovers at this summer’s Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival in Medford, OR. They are sporting Willimantic Brewing shirts. Connection: David Wollner, the good man who owns and operates the brewery, invited us to stay at his home when we were on our cross country trip. And we saw each other again most recently at SAVOR.

Message today: Beer community people are connected and happy to connect with others who share their passion. It’s one of the biggest attractions to the group, me thinks.

And as beer educators, we always look very forward to further deepening these connections and relationships and building new ones.

Queue the music please…

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Small World

Here’s a direct quote from an email removal request:

“I would appreciate your removing my email address from you[r] list as I live in Pittsburgh and I think I am on the other side of the world from you and your activities. But thank you anyway.”

Small world - from one coast to the other

Very good. Permission marketing dictates, as should our uncommon good sense, that we act appropriately on this (which I did immediately and from which this person originally asked to sign up).

What struck me was that it really is a small world, two coasts or borders of any country are only separated by miles and mindset.

Be a geek, not a snob, honor thy consumers requests in a timely fashion, small world or not.

Permission marketing is another big point for the female consumer. Ask them how they want to be communicate with and then do just that.

“But that’s so much work!”

Not really – in fact when you ask, they’re helping you figure out how they want to be reached and will be way more receptive.

See it as opportunity. Anytime there’s a conversation, there’s opportunity.

Open the doors that’re knock knock knocking…

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