Fresh. Just saying the word connotes a certain welcome. ffffffrrrrresssshhhhhhhh

Fresh beer and fresh food is what we’re told is best. And what precisely does fresh mean then towards the end of beer and food?

Brewmaster Larry Chase of Standing Stone Brewing Company tells us that fresh in relation to beer means “clean flavor, height of flavor, the best the flavor will ever be; vibrant flavor.” Plus, he adds, “fresh beer is better for you.”

I’d agree about the better for you part as well since nutrition degrades with time once something is made or processed.

There are a number of resources online to review for yourself. Here are two I found on a quick search:

  1. The FDA is loaded – here’s a starting point.
  2. MillerCoors offers up some info.

Notice date codes on beer, ask the beertender how long the keg has been tapped, how to read bottle and can date codes, contact packaging breweries to make sure they include a code of date packaged, and ask the beertender how often the taplines are clean (should be 9 – 14 day cycle). These all relate to the fresh experience.

Talk to the produce folks and growers – they’ll be a wealth of information and can also point you down more educational avenues.

However you choose to enjoy fresh beer and fresh food, the key is being educated, exercising moderation and an active lifestyle. Fresh only helps when you take full responsibility to start with.

There is no such thing as a beer belly. It’s a belly from neglect of care, thoughtfulness, putting down the fork, and moving your body.

Take charge and enjoy!

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