Moderation is the featured word in our series today for the Letter M.

It could easily be Mmmmmmmmm or Malt or Mash.

We choose moderation as it’s part of the essence of enjoying beer: doing so in moderation.

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

What exactly is moderate beer enjoyment? Well, if you choose not to drink it then it’s time spent with others. If you do imbibe beer, then it’s all about savoring and regulating consumption. Regulation of consumption is what every brewer I’ve ever met would want for her beer. To be enjoyed in moderation, in moderate quantities, preferably with people and food. Moderation is about slowing down, not slamming. Moderation is being responsible about the quantity of beer you consume and making sure your actions are in keeping with class, tact, and civility.

Food enjoyment echos this idea. Both beer and food have nutrition and energy. And anything in excess is, we well, excessive and therefore denigrates the subject at hand as well as the partaker. Therefore food consumption needs to be moderate as well. Savored. Slowed down and truly enjoyed. Again, with other people and with respect and temperance.

Moderation can be a perfect vehicle for sharing beer, sharing food, and enjoying more out of life. Cheers to moderation.

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