T for Tongue today.

Our tongue is a fascinating organ that’s really underappreciated and oft abused. Or at least neglected in recognition of how it serves us.

P1040877For beer and food, the tongue participates in mouthfeel, flavor, and temperature. These three things alone are a full time job! Especially if you really enjoy either or both solids and liquids as it pleases you.  And it seems the tongue has been the object of a bit of rethinking and reassigning, if you will, areas of flavor perception. Here’s one article on it.

Whatever way your tongue flaps, know it’s a contributor to the enjoyment in life of beer and food. We need nourishment to keep us alive, keep us healthy, and make us able to to everything else.

Take good care of your tongue. Chances are good it’ll return the flavor, er – favor.

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