U better believe this letter’s important! It’s the first part of the shortened enemy of beer: UV, other wide fully named ultraviolet. As in light.

So why is light an unwitting enemy of beer? Here’s a good paragraph that explains it.

As I understand it, lighting the form of fluorescent and sunlight can be equal parties in the commonly called “skunking” (per light damage).

protect and respect your beer and food

protect and respect your beer and food

It’s a perfect reason to embrace draft beer – straight from the brewery – as well as from kegs. Canned beer of today is a completely different animal than yesteryear too – so get over any inhibitions or incorrect prejudices and embrace canned beer.

The key, of course, is to decant all beer. It’s not meant to be fully enjoyed in the package. The package is designed to transport, not serve. Treat the beer right and pour it in a glass.

With food, light can create both the raw ingredients in helping it grow and damage it on the fruition side. Be careful to know what and when to protect your food from sunlight in particular. It was spoil foods very quickly which, unlike beer, can have lethal ramifications. when in doubt, throw it out (the compost can most likely handle it).

So be enlightened – simply be aware and careful of how light affects beer and food. A lot of love, sweat and tears line the path of delivery to our awaiting mouths.

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