Viscosity is a fun word to say. Stretch it out, as you would chewing something wonderful, and it’s sensual and lovely.

Viscocity in beer and food: play!

Viscocity in beer and food: play!

Viscosity has to do with the dynamics of fluid and texture. Okay, so the dictionary definition doesn’t mention texture. Nonetheless, It’s part of my definition. Because when you’re applying the word to savoring beer and foods your chewing, those items become liquidy in your mouth.

Viscous, as in sticky and thick, most certainly applies to texture.

I used to think the only thing viscosity applied to was motor oil. Long are those days past.

Take today’s word and roll it around on your tongue. Preferably with some flavorful beer and food. First one alone, then the other alone. Then marry the two. You’ll get 3 separate and equally interesting experiences.

Cheers to viscosity and the exploration therein. Play with your beer and food and enjoy the many levels of viscousness (another new one!) you can create.

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