To find words that begin with the letter X is interesting to say the least. As it happens, I’ll give you some insight: Urban Dictionary (found here) has a cool site, which is where I ‘found’ the X word today – Xanthuse.



Although UD doesn’t offer pronunciations, and doesn’t have the word registered though they have this similar word, I’d posit that it’s a zee beginning sound. Any word specialists who can help us here – chime in!

In any event, I chose it after scrolling through and reading several x word definitions. One meaning of Xanthuse = “to say, utter or exclaim something in delight or surprise.

Seems a perfectly delicious word to choose in reference to beer and food. Both of these necessary and highly sensory oriented experiences should be delightful. Surprising sometimes? Yes! That’s part of the true joy of enjoying beer and food.  Explorers would have nothing if not for being surprised at what’s around the next corner, what’s in that glass, and what’s on the plate.

Seek out something today that makes you xanthuse. And while it may not enter common vernacular, like beer and food, it’s the unusual and unexpected that create memories.

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