Z is for Zymurgy, the “area of applied science related to fermentation.

Science of fermentation = Zymurgy

Science of fermentation = Zymurgy

While many correlate zymurgy to beer alone, it’s long been part of food as well. How could it not be, what with cultures and societies across the globe utilizing fermentation to prepare and store food and drink.

Fermentation does NOT render anything sanitized – boiling and other methods accomplish sanitization. It does however involve a scientific aspect of what we put in our mouths that’s super fun, tasty and cool to teach others.

I like that Wikipedia provide a simple equation of zymurgy as well:

<br />
C_6 H_{12} O_6 \Rightarrow 2 CO_2 + 2C_2 H_5 OH<br />

There’s a Zymurgy magazine available as well, ala the American Homebrewers Association. If you’re into it, get this resource delivered to your door or inbox.

Fermenting foods requires particular attention, since not all consumed fermented foods are heat processed as to kill lethal bacteria and bugs. Be sure you only go with reputable sources for this information – like the National Center for Home Preservation, OSU Master Food Preserver (I did this 2 years ago), and Cornell University.

Put the date of may 4th on your calender: the AHA’s nationwide Big Brew Day!

Have fun, be safe, and revel in the zymurglogical possibilities!

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