If A is for Aroma and B is for Brewing, C is for cooking with beer.

Cooking is what brewing is and it’s what we often do with our food to prepare it. When you look up the definition of Cooking, here’s what you might find:

“The process of preparing food, often with the use of heat.”

And while all cooking does not require heat, it’s an integral part of some cooking methods. What would a cake be for want of an oven, a stew be without heat from an element and a creme brulee without company of a live flame? They’d not the same things at all.

Beer is the same way. With no heat, you entirely change the process and everything about what it is – beer and food both. Some sources cite the higher nutritional value of cooked foods and some say raw foods are the way to go.

As with techniques, it’s all in perspective, what’s available, tools, setting, and preference. Remaining open to both (with or without heat) leaves you set up for flavor opportunity that you may otherwise close yourself off to. And that’s no fun!

Wherein lies the heat in cooking? Baking, roasting, sauteing, simmering, broiling, braising, poaching, barbecuing, smoking, broasting, broiling, frying, grilling, searing, steaming, and reducing….and brewing. There are oodles of techniques and methods of cooking using heat. Indeed, our intake and nutrition landscape would be dramatically different if we had no heat to cook with.

What’s your style? How do you like to cook? What ingredients do you like to cook with? What beers do include in your ingredients lists?

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