D is for Delicious.

Beer is and should be delicious. Food is and should be delicious. But what is it precisely that makes something delicious to us?

Take a read here about nuerogastronomy. And this article tells us “Experience is also an important determinant of…preferences…”

So deliciousness is the combination of many things according to different sources.

What do you think ‘delicious’ means? Or rather – what does delicious mean to you?

try and try again

However your definition unfolds and is explained or described or not, beer and food is meant for nutrition. So does it have to be delicious for us to partake? Of course not. And clearly there are signals of certain flavors that can be warning signals. It’s part of the enjoyment and social facet to enjoy your drink and food so as to fully embrace the exercise.

I say: enjoy what you like by trying everything you can. Truly, as long as it isn’t poisonous, when you give something a try once or a few times even to get a few opportunities to experience it, you may find your next favorite flavor.

Sip, nosh, nibble, quaff.

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