Ready? Yes, when beer’s ready, its delicious, properly fermented, moved to serving tanks or packaged for sale, and then on the way to being enjoyed. When food’s been grown, harvested, prepared and on the table, there’s few things more anticipated and enjoyed.

Beer & Food need time to be 'Ready'

Beer & Food need time to be ‘Ready’

Today’s letter is R as in Ready. Ready as in the time it takes to plan, nurture, gather, serve and fully savor beer and food. Being ready takes both motivation and patience. Motivation to look at the entire processes and follow them through to an appropriate completion.

Green Beer, if you’ve ever heard that term, means that the beer is immature which is not desirable. Immature beer has not fully completed its own journey on the way to offering you the best it can be in your glass.  Astute brewers, pro and home, know that while it’s tough to be patient sometimes, it’s best for the beer. To push through a beer that’s still green can have not only less than stellar basic experiential results, it can punish the rest of the batch.

Food’s the same way. Why harvest too early? Let things mature at the rate that helps the fruits of our labors develop and best take advantage of the elements that will lend to a delicious result. Cooks who are patient will reap and be able to share incredible flavors the fully ready food will afford our senses.

Ready? Plan, nurture, execute, enjoy. All while being patiently motivated.

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