SAVOR 2012 brought the singular opportunity for American’s to truly relish in the incredible flavors of beer and food together. If you like beer, hopefully you also see the enormous value and potential of putting food with your beer. You create different flavors when the two are mingling in your mouth, which is a huge part of the fun exploration.

Rob, Ginger, and Adam savoring the moment

Ginger of WEB moderated 3 Salons this year – the 2nd of the 3 featuring Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing and Adam Smith of Cowgirl Creamery matching (you guessed it!) beer and cheese.

We lead the group through a very tasty flight of 5 high quality beers and cheeses. Rob and Adam shared insights on what making cheese and involves, how they got into what they do respectively and in general had a totally delicious time around the all American beverage of beer.

Support your local brewer and your local cheese maker. What a fantastic way to get to know each other and build compassion, diplomacy, and goodwill.

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