Hot chocolate. Cocoa. hot cocoa….whatever the iteration, this lovely luxurious warm drink is a go to for me. Where is this topic going today since you hit the women + beer site? Glad you asked.

As a meeting last night, one of my comrades-in-meet said, I’d love to see you write about cocoa! This was after I was enthusing that I did really enjoy a lovely cup of ‘co.

What I love about it:

  1. Warm when it’s cool out, which can be year round by the way. “Cool” is relative to your climate, mood, and headspace.
  2. It’s as different as can be. Like spaghetti sauce, every recipe I try is its own variety.
  3. It seems to fill my soul as well as please my palate.
  4. if I have remaining cocoa, I can refrigerate it and make – what else – chocolate milk later. Bonus!!!
And the foam mustache is kind of fun too!

And the foam mustache is kind of fun too!

There are a few preferred dealmakers for my hot cocoa endeavors: I prefer skim milk. Not for the fat – fat’s yummy. It’s the viscosity I’m after (and yes, bring on the whipped cream!). I also much prefer cocoa powder to a pre-mixed sugared up mix. I can enhance with sweeteners as I wish, without the unpronounceable words in many mixes. And I can invent my own to recreate over and over and give as gifts. Finally, I like it to be made hot, cool enough so my taste buds can also enjoy it without being blown away, and of a size where I can happily finish it without feeling totally gluttonous. After all, I can always get another cup if I want more.

Beer and cocoa have a few connections. As an avid cook and recipe inventor, adding a complementary beer in a small quantity to a suitable hot cocoa recipe is really fun. The delicious opportunities abound. Whenever I use beer as ingredient, I am mindful of starting with small quantities and then adding as I want more intensity and flavor of chosen beer. Less is usually more.

So, Kassia, there you have it! My hot cocoa post. Thanks for giving me the idea. Next time we meet, hot cocoas all around. Think Emily’ll go for it too?

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