It occured to me early this morning that I never published the Decree I wrote and then delivered in honor of the Beer for Boobs Brunch 2011 (during GABF & Denver Beer Fest time).

The remarkable, smart, gracious, thoughtful and classy Stevie Caldarola of Ladies of Craft Beer and Freshcraft hosted this beerific benefit brunch. The hosts were great with it, the crowd participated and gave us a round of applause afterward.

Enjoy the decree this New Years day ~

Beer For Boobs Womanifesto, this 30th day of September 2011


We, the Women of the United States, in Order to maintain a healthy body, establish self examination, ensure comfortable clothing, provide for the common good health, promote the general Welfare of breasts everywhere, and remain proud of our chests and ourselves and our gender, and establish a more perfect Boobion, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Boob For Brunch America:

Article 1: All boobs deserve proper care and maintenance to ensure healthy adventures in the world at large

Article 2: All boob hosts are to be proud of their boobs and the boobs of others for as long as they are able to do so.

Article 3: I take it as my personal mission to support all boobs everywhere and also support the care and treatment of boobs less fortunate

Article 4: I will not stand by and let anyone malign any boobs for any reason. They are all deserving of respect and good will.

Article 5: I will respect and protect the boobs of myself, my family and my friends as needed and called upon to do.

Article 6: I will support the good health of boobs the world over, as a Goodwill Boob Ambassador, exercising diplomacy and Advocacy.

Ginger & Stevie with the Booby Prize, 2011

So with the above to be true, I hereby bequeath Stevie Caldarola the 2011 Beer For Boobs Booby Prize award for her efforts in extolling the boob virtues we are all here to support. [custom decorated bra]

Everyone raise your right hand and repeat after me:

“I _____,

Do swear to uphold and extol

The rights of healthy boobs everywhere.

I promise to be

Available to those in need

When they call upon me to help.“


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