Some of you may know my associate, Deidre. She’s a great fit for the beer business we are working on – determined, smart, diplomatic, assertive, willing to make the ask, loves beer.

Gritty's Halloween Ale

Gritty's Halloween Ale

She recently got in touch with Gritty’s per their beers. Well, fun story short, Ann Ewing and Thomas Wilson were able facilitate us trying their Halloween Ale.

THANKS! To Diedre for reaching out, to Ann for reaching back, and to Thomas for sharing.

My thoughts? Tasty fuller bodied beer which will surely go well with lush flavored fall foods; squashes, roasted vegetables, grilled red meats.

And Ann – I’ll hope to see you in November during my cross country trip. I’ll take you up on some good beers & food when we come through Maine.

Cheers & Happy Labor Day All ~

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