Wow. It hit me right between the taste buds last week – Belgian Beer & Bananas can come together terrifically!

Here’s where the flavor epiphany came from:

Traveling to work with a fantastic client, Global Beer Network, brought me to Massachusetts. As is the case for travel, you inevitably get to find places to eat. Two genres I seek out are Mexican and Ethiopian food. Yum.

Say Yes! to pairing.

Say Yes! to pairing.

As good fortune had it, there was a Mexican place within walking distance for me so I headed there one night for dinner. The menu was refreshingly enticing and so, as I do from time to time, I ordered a few small plates (‘sides’) to make up my meal instead of one entrée. Fried plantains with agave nectar were one of those items. So glad I did!

They were nicely fried, hot hot hot when they arrived, and it’s right then it hit me: Bananas so obviously go with many Belgian beers. The yeast contributions can often match a variety of bananas in intensity and complement each other wildly flavor wise. As a flavor hound, it hit the bulls-eye.

Had I thought of this pairing before? Highly likely. And circumstances as they were simply brought it home, full on. Will I remember it more readily now? Absolutely.

Cooking with beer, pairing talks, and various beverage and drink events are always on my agenda. I have now officially written down the idea to use in the not so distant future. Boom.

It’s good to build a Flavor Library – tastes, pairings, and ideas to tap into when you’re racking your brain to develop a menu. So glad to have a newly invigorated couple to call upon soon.

Enjoy your beer, bananas and combining all sorts of flavors this season.

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