Larry, Lorraine & Gary - "women" all! Photo by Kate Parks

Last night for our monthly event, we decided to open it to the men who were lamenting “what about us?” and feeling left out of the regular women’s only events. So, open the doors and our arms we did to the men. They simply had to come as a woman.

HA! We had several men show up to enjoy the fun and good natured (no pun intended) ribbing and camaraderie at the Come As A Woman Oktoberfest meet up. From Larry and Gary’s full-on hose and wigs, to the feminine props of the others, a great time was had by all.

In fact, our host was having a simultaneous event and we got into a sort of ridiculously fun and silly German chant-off. Of course we won some, they won some. And for the rest of the

Great guests - photo by Kate Parks

evening, we got looky-lous who came into the event room we were cozily set up in.

Stien’s up to the game guests, terrific hosts at the newly opened Bavarian theme Frau Kemmling – especially Stacy, Micheal and Tim, and all the good time goers present.

Here is the menu we enjoyed:

Opening toast with Paulaner Pilsner

1st Course – Spaten Oktoberfest with Leberkase, a German style meatloaf, brie, red onions, and mushrooms on a skewer

Larry & Crasher - photo by Kate Parks

2nd Course – HB Hefeweizen with Spatzle mit kase, (unbelievably yummy) German style dumplings with diced ham, onions, 3 cheeses and herbs.

3rd Course – Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse with Bratwurst

4th Course – Spaten Optimator (said as a group with our best Ahhnold accent) with German Chocolate cake

This will become one of our annual events – can’t wait for next year already. Our own fabulous Kate took lots of great pictures – enjoy the ones included here.

However you enjoy your beer, have fun with it. Prosit!!

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