We hope the beginning of the holiday season finds you well and healthy.
Be sure to savor all your favorite treats in moderation with people you value.
We’re grateful for your support and wish you all a rollickin’ fun & tasty December!!

Save These Dates!!
1. December 2nd, this Thursday – Hoppy Holidays! Shopping $pecials from 4 – 7, event from 7 – 830, & everybody gets a present! RSVP due by 5 pm 11.30.10 (Tuesday)
2. January 11th 2011 – We’re partnering with Kaleidoscope for a full on Beer & Food dinner (makes a terrific gift!). Limited seating, RSVP by 1.8.10.
3. January 20th 2011 – Our ‘regular’ WEB meet up – Budget Helper! We’ll offer an entertaining and delicious time at a reduced price this month with more 2 or more simultaneous registrations.
4. February 10th 2011 – This months WEB meet up is at the gorgeous Salon Isabella. Come for a totally new take on a visit to the stylist!
All details and registration information is here.

One more thing about upcoming events:
Maybe you noticed we’ll have shopping & special deals on the Women Enjoying Beer goods the night of the 2nd. You can absolutely come shop even if you are unable to stay and enjoy the event with us. Shopping will be from 4 – 7 pm, cash & checks accepted. WEB Shirts, WEB Hats, Beer Gear Boxes, and a few other goodies – hopefully hot-of-the-press gorgeous WEB note cards and postcards as well…special prices good from 4 – 830 that night.

All other times they are available when you call me or buy them online here.

Some of you have tuned into the pending WEB Enewsletter too – thanks!! We’re gearing up to launch it in December. Please let me know directly if you are interested. We’ll do an intro special for a while, then with kinks worked out, it’ll go full bore the first part of next year.

The Bringing Beer To Life Enewsletter will be a subscription based, female beer consumer focused monthly offering full of beer & food & events & recipes & ideas & interesting people & places & breweries &….you get the idea. Feedback, as always, is encouraged. We can only improve for you when we know what needs to be addressed.

Calling All Opinionated Women!!
Part of the reason the beer industry is starting to pay more and more attention to WEB is due to you – the woman with an opinion about beer. Focus Groups provide relevant and timely information that helps drive our credibility and listenability as women who enjoy beer. When you are ready to host between 4 and 12 women at your home or work for a focus group, let me know. They’re loads of fun, a great reason to assemble friends and learn more about each other. It’s easy, inexpensive and highly fascinating.

Sign-up for the events today, enjoy a good rest of year and we’ll be in touch again in a few weeks.
Kum Bae (cheers in Korean ala one woman who enjoys beer) –

Ginger & Kate

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