Random weekday in town. Stopped at a stoplight (sunny so the top is down on the convertible). The Women Enjoying Beer magnetic signs are, of course, on the car.

Dark & Brewed-y beer (not so much broody)

Car next to me, white minivan, pulls up to stop, glances over, I do the same and smile.

  • She says: “I enjoy beer.”
  • Me: “What kinds of beers to you enjoy?”
  • Her: “Dark and broody”
  • Me: “Dark and brewed-y?”
  • She: [with a smile] “Yes!”

Since we’re still waiting for the light to change, My Fine beer loving Husband, gets a business card and reaches it over to give it to her.

We all exchange one more last smile, a cheers!, and away we go. All in the course of a day in the life of Women Enjoying Beer.

Are you approachable? Are you listening to what consumers have to say? Are you acting on that input?

If I had a dollar for each person who commented on the WEB car signs on the sides and back of the vehicle, I’d be able to treat a large party to the craft beers of their choice for a few hours – of course, paired with great food. (hint – free marketing tip!)

Thanks to the dark and brewed-y beer lover.

Now…it’s time to keep working on changing vernacular (i.e. ‘dark’ = ‘heavy’, both need work per myth busting…)

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