1. Go to a wine tasting

2. Attend a cheese tasting

3. Take a sensory class at a local brewery

Enjoy it. All of it! Cheers -

Enjoy it. All of it! Cheers –

4. Smell more of what you put in your mouth

5. Ask others what they taste, talking about what you taste too

6. Buy a food or meal out that you’ve never had before

7. Get a trusted friend to help you eat blindfolded or with a listening deadening device

8. Smell trees, plants, flowers, foods, beverages and anything else you wish without tasting them

9. Challenge yourself by naming every smell, aroma, taste and flavor you can – even if it’s “not quite right”

10. Read about flavor, food & drink

11. Attend a local homebrew club meeting

There are so many ways to engage in life. What we enjoy gustatorily is an enormous gift. Make time to savor. Everything.

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