Here’s a picture of one beer I find to be a favorite for me. It’s a framboise and delicious in very way.

p1030936No, I don’t drink it only because I’m female and gravitate towards fruity beers (sometimes no, sometimes yes as with any beer).  After all, the issue here at WEB is not gender. It’s opportunity.

I drink it because it’s beautiful, has a luxurious flavor and mouth feel, has a zing of effervescence, and pairs nicely with a great many foods. It’s also very drinkable all by its gorgeous self.

This glass in particular was served to me at a very recent stop, Willimantic Brewing, in Connecticut at David’s place. What a refreshing surprise to get it served in an appropriately well designed glass.

Refreshing because too many places still use the standard (and cheapest) and expected beer vessel around – the tapered pint. At 16 or 20 ounces, it’s not the right glass for some beers. It allows the carbonation to escape too quickly therefore not fully allowing the flavor of the beer to shine and it’s too big a portion for many, women and men. Especially when you want to try a few beers.

If you make beer, be proud of it and do it justice by serving it in a more appropriate glass.

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  1. Kristy

    Hi Ginger! It’s Kristy from BitterSweet Partnership – I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have commented before, so you hopefully know that we share a common aim in encouraging a love of beer among women. I too think that glassware is really important in serving beer, and a factor that’s neglected by many. One of our initiatives has been to get a fashion designer design four designer half-pint glasses- you can see the designs here: We hope that they’ll help bring a more stylish touch to beer drinking for fashion conscious women who might be put off by the “manly” image some women associate with pints of beer – and as you mention, a smaller quantity is more practical for many, too! We’d love to know what you think.


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