Here’s a good story on how beer and food go together. Be informed and plugged into where our drink and food come from.

Annual Soulstice Party at my homeGetting people together is a perfect format for conversation, as well as good beer, to flow.

I grew up in a family that threw dinner parties – from the arrival cocktail and pupu’s (as my mom called them) to dinner to dessert cordials. I learned how to drink (responsibly), entertain (diplomacy) and take care of guests (customer service). Ever grateful for that early experience, it’s a passion that I have continued.

Farms, homes, apartment, backyards. It doesn’t matter where you get together. People don’t come over to judge your home, they come over to see you. What matters is you. (Do your pub guests feel this way?)

So call a few folks today, make it a late summer potluck if you like. The vegetables available right now, in season, are an even bigger reason to dine with others.

Just do it. You’ll be very glad you did.

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