“I like to talk about how beer goes with everything.” – MLHedgmon

How true indeed. And so honest in its truth.

beer + food = classic & delicious

beer + food = classic & delicious

By its very nature, beer has 4 foundational ingredients: water, grain, hops and yeast. After that anything can go as far as additions in making beer. Homebrewers are endlessly creative, pro brewers are pushing whatever envelopes they like, and consumers are gobbling it all up!

Beer can and does pair beautifully with an infinite range of foods. It’d be nothing short of impossible to list everything and all the myriad potential combinations.

What’s a go-to pairing for you? Try not to use the word ‘favorite’, since indicating a favorite indicates you’ve drawn a line in the sand. Leave the sandy path open and use ‘go-to’ instead.

Tell me what kinds of beer and food combinations you delight in. Let’s make a list of ‘everything’ and share it forward.

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