Wow! Everyone at last nights inaugural Women Enjoying Beer & Kaleidoscope beer dinner event had a ball. Forty one people came to enjoy, learn, nosh, and savor beer and food together. And that they did!

Wes and the kitchen staff did a stellar number on the 5 courses, Amber and Elle were excellent servers, and our hosts were perfectly lovely. And of course – the guests make the party. Linens on the table, fresh (low profile) flowers accented the elevation of beer to the dinner table, and positive comments aplenty during the evening.

Here’s the menu we reveled in. When we get some pictures ready we’ll post them as well – because you know – a picture is worth a thousand tastes!

Course 1

Southern Oregon Brewing Pinup Porter paired with smoked salmon and caper spread on toasted baguette rounds with lemon juice, cream cheese, Tabasco, fresh cracked pepper and chives

Course 2

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen paired with Tricolor salad made of mixed greens, walnuts, apples, Gorgonzola cheese, honey vinaigrette and cracked pepper, garnished with a solitary orange section

Course 3

Walkabout Brewing Jabberwocky Strong Ale paired with Cellentani pasta combined with Italian sausage, mushrooms, sauteed onions and garlic topped with Parmesan and basil

Course 4

Ninsaki Quantum Pale Ale partnered with Kaleidoscope’s signature offering – PIZZA! – an elegant pie with hand tossed delicious crust layered with said lightly fried eggplant, mozzarella, marinara topped with Parmesan and fresh basil

Course 5

Wyders Pear Cider – a total surprise for people – paired with an amazing pear simmered in honey, cloves, wine, star anise, and bay leaves, cooled and dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in almonds drizzled with pear syrup.

Incredibly scrumptious!! Many thanks to all who partook and enjoyed. When shall we do this again?

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