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A big fat Thanks to the entire Limestone Brewing Crew for a fun and enlightening inaugural woman’s beer event. They already throw terrific events around beer and it was such a pleasure to get to collaborate with Ken (Brewer), Alex (GM), Adam & Christina (Servers), and Juan and Augustine (Kitchen). My many thanks!

More importantly – thanks to the attendees: Melissa, Erika, Wendy, Lori, Leslie, Trisha, Jess, Lindsey, Sylvia, Carol, Amy, Paula, Kirsten, Christina, Laurie, Melissa, Joan and Penny. Woo Hoo!!! The guests make the party and a fun one it was.

FYI – some of the courses were paired with 2 beers – mostly because there was an opportunity to partner two beers with the foods for different flavor experiences. Works out well that way.

A nicely set table to feature craft beer and delicious food

Here’s the special menu made up just for the event:

1st Course – Old Chicago Amber Ale and Professor Darnell’s Berry Ale paired with baked brie with walnuts, mushrooms and shallots.

2nd Course – Wheatlander Hefeweizen with Limestone Beer Cheese soup (classic!!)

3rd Course – Springbrook Honey Ale and Replicale APA with crab puffs, red cabbage and mustard remoulade. (The nose on the Replicale was incredilicious!!!)

4th Course – Pilcher Pale Ale with eggplant penne pasta with ham and peas

5th Course – Dolomite Oatmeal Stout and Flying Pig Imperial IPA with coffee cake and vanilla ice cream.

Ohmygoshyummy. When are you planning your next/first women and beer event?

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