Mmmmm…I’m still licking my chops from last nights beer & gelato pairing event. Since Women Enjoying Beer is in the business is education (consumers and professionals), we love to mix things up – actually tun them completely inside out – and shine light on possibilities.

Last night we featured a flight of 4 beers partnered with four fresh locally made gelatos. And what a lovely thing it was!

Host location - non beer centric can work well (change of thinking)

In talking to the attendees last night, one thing we found most curious is that almost everyone had no idea how the two would mingle and go together. A few had experienced a stout float, which is a good step into this. At the same time, most of the women we’re telling us, “I’m not sure what to expect tonight.” PERFECT!

Education happens when curiosity engages and the mind is open. Even several of our veteran attendees who come repeatedly were amazed at the combinations and the thinking surrounding a frozen dessert type food with beer.

All the gelato was from  Mamma Mia Gelateria.

Here’s the menu we featured:

Geoff Schaffer, the manager of the coffee house (host) is an accomplished home brewer and culinary school grad and fun foodie. Whenever we get together, the conversation invariably goes on and on – happily for both of us. He collaborated with us on the menu, with success I might add.

As a slight aside, bear in mind: beer education is not within the exclusive domain of a beer oriented host location. We’ve held successful meet-up’s at non brewery oriented places with very positive results. What’s critical are open minded guests and hosts.

Beer and gelato. Time to open more minds. What’s on your weekend menu?

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