Swig & Stitch is the brilliant brainchild of Sandi Globus, owner of the superbly wonderful store Fabric of Vision. And vision she has.

Sandi started Swig & Stitch a few years back to bring the idea of socializing while learning about sewing techniques. It’s not quilting – she conducts useful and transferable sewing techniques with projects that feature the said techniques.

Swig & Stitch pairs Beer with Sewing Technique Demos

I have the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Sandi in a beer centric S&S. She’s done a wine focused event for 4 years – last year we joined forces and now offer a second monthly event with beer. YUM!

She leads with the instruction, I intersperse beer and food tastings, and a great edutaining time is had by all. The guests are plugged in members of the greater community, with all sorts of backgrounds, Some like to sew, some don’t, some like beer, and some are discovering that they do!

It’s all about creating a ripe learning environment, front loaded with the right structure and benefits so everyone walks away happy. None of it is difficult if you’re thinking ahead, paying attention, and taking care of your guests.

Here’s the menu we chose this week, working with our fine host 4 Daughters Irish Pub. Thanks to Brandy, Abigail, Tim & Crew!

Try this at home.

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