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The Best In Family Adventures Just Got Better – ROW Introduces Family “Beer” Tasting Trip

Like ales and lagers of breweries, no two root beers are alike. ROW Adventures introduces a family twist to their popular Craft & Raft adventure on the Rogue River.


Perfect Summer memories: WEB & ROW Family Raft & Craft

Perfect Summer memories: WEB & ROW Family Raft & Craft

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – A new and innovative spin on their Craft & Raft™ adventure, ROW Adventures’ “Family” Craft & Raft™ trip marries the thrill of whitewater rafting on Oregon’s Rogue River with exclusive beverage tasting for adults and kids alike. Adults sample a number of delicious craft beers from Oregon breweries, each paired with hors d’oeuvres that complement and enhance the flavors of the brew. Kids get to do just the same with specialty crafted root beer from regional breweries.

“Two things set our trip apart from the other craft beer trips in the area,” explains Peter Grubb, founder of ROW Adventures, “First, we have Ginger Johnson, enthusiastic beer specialist and owner of Women Enjoy Beer, come along with beer, food pairings, and knowledge. Secondly, we’ve decided that these specialty trips should not only be fun if you are over twenty-one!”

The Pacific Northwest is the self-proclaimed king of breweries and there are more than a dozen brands of root beer in the region as well. With variations in flavor distinctions, carbonation, and sweetness, each root beer brand (like beer) is unique.

So, what makes root beer taste like root beer? Here are the basic components:

•  Anise: Licorice flavor

•  Sarsaparilla: A bitter root that lends the root beer flavor

•  Birch oil: Made from the sap of birch trees; lends a flavor similar to teaberry

•  Wintergreen: Minty flavor often found in chewing gum

•  Sassafras: A deep, bitter flavor derived from the sassafras tree

•  Vanilla extract: Bourbon or Tahitian; gives root beer its distinct creaminess


great times on the Rogue River

This trip is set to be offered July 20, 2013. The Rogue River is a premier whitewater destination and offers the only summer lodge to lodge rafting vacation in the United States.  Spaces are limited.

To learn more about ROW Adventures, visit:; call 800-451-6034; or e-mail For other media, press inquiries, or photos please contact Mychal Ferger.


ROW Adventures, voted the World’s Best Tour Operator by Travel + Leisure Magazine readers in 2012, began as a whitewater rafting company in Idaho in 1979. ROW now operates adventures throughout the world in 17 different countries emphasizing water adventures. ROW founders Peter Grubb and Betsy Bowen raised their two children on the rivers, lakes, and forests of the Northern Rockies. Through their own outdoor adventure experience as parents, they developed family-oriented itineraries that emphasize nurturing relationships with oneself, family, and nature.

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