Cheers to all the fine guests, guides and lodge crews for another fun & tasty Raft and Craft trip. ROW Adventures, just voted 2012 Worlds best Tour Operator by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and WEB partnered up again to deliver a memorable trip down the gorgeous Rogue River. Jamie Floyd, co-founder and founding brewer of Ninkasi Brewing was part of the trip as well, providing plentiful Ninkasi beers to pair with the foods presented each night.

The goal of the trip is to offer a singular experience, with an emphasis on beer and food together. As promised, the menu is below for all to enjoy.

Consider one of the many spectacular trips ROW offers. They’re very well done, all bias aside, with an eye on detail, safety and optimum guest experience. So glad to be a part of it.

Evening 1:

  • Radiant (fresh seasonal) with Un Mondo sausage
  • Oatis Oatmeal Stout with Annie’s graham cookies and chocolate covered almonds
  • Tricerahops Double IPA with raw Rumiano sharp cheddar cheese and walnuts

Evening 2:

  • Total Domination IPA with fresh grapefruit and wasabi peas
  • Maiden the Shade (seasonal) with Kettle brand chips – sea salt and sea salt & pepper
  • Believer Double Red with Denmark’s Finest (creamy) Havarti cheese and pecans


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