Ahhhhh…to float down a mighty river…to sip and nosh on tasty goodies…to enjoy excellent company.

Sound like a dream? Well, it’s a reality every summer – or at least we’ve been at it the past 4 summers with ROW Adventures, a high quality well-regarded adventure company based in Idaho, with trips all over the globe. Enter: the annual Raft & Craft trip with Women Enjoying Beer and ROW.

This year, our able and friendly guides, Tom and Aylan, lead the group down a section of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. Wild and Scenic is a unique designation – read more about it here. Suffice it to say that there are no roads that accompany the river where we primarily rafted, it’s truly a great wilderness, and stunning to behold.

Alison, one of the fabulous Raft & Craft guests, & Ginger - ready for white water, tasty beers & food

Alison, one of the fabulous Raft & Craft guests, & Ginger – ready for white water, tasty beers & food

We added the root beer component to make sure all guests could fully enjoy the flavors. A shout out to my helpers, Brenden and Jarrett, for their assistance. Beverages and food should be accessible to all. And beer is family friendly when exercised in moderation, as all beers should be – root or otherwise!

I hope you come join us on a future trip. Heck, don’t wait! Go adventuring as you wish. If you want a beer and or root beer component, WEB is also available to assist in that arena. It’s great tasty fun.


Night 1 = Zevia Root Beer with licorice curls; Blue Sky Root Beer with gingersnap cookies; Ninkasi Believer Double Red beer with salami, cashews, and cheddar cheese; Burnside Sweet Heat with Kettle  BBQ potato chips and dried California apricots.

Night 2 = Root beer making with Torani Root Beer Syrup and Blue Sky sparkling water True Seltzer and also with Hansen’s Club Soda with organic licorice chunks, sea salt Kettle potato chips, and dried mango; Ninkasi Maiden The Shade beer with chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese; Southern Tier Choklat beer with almonds and chocolate malted milk balls.

Good resources:

  1. Talk to your local homebrew shop as many also assist with home brewed sodas – thanks Tonessa at Grains, Beans N Things!
  2. Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop, Stephen Creswell. Fun book loaded with fun herstory and recipes.

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