How do you invite someone to to sip or nosh with you ?

Do you say:

  • Let’s go grab a beer.
  • Wanna do lunch?
  • Let’s get some coffee.
  • Let’s go out for drinks.

These are a few examples of how what we say matters in the end.

Is this how you grab a beer?

Per women and beer and focus group research, I can share with you that whether the invite is implied or explicit, how it’s stated matters.

For example, does one literally “grab” a beer – or do you simply pick it up as you would every other glass full of liquid? Do you grab a glass of wine or a cocktail? Grabbing seems so casual and careless.

Think about how your invite may subliminally influence how people think about beer. You can help change that by inviting them to enjoy a beer with you/savor a beer/taste a new beer/ and so forth.

Slang and casual sayings most certainly influence our interpretations, actions and perspectives.

Listen to yourself and listen to others. Adopt vernacular that suits the quality of the beverage and the occasion. We’re not extolling snobbery here – rather simple phraseology changes to help re/elevate beer.

Care to join me?

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