Sean Lawson & I in his tidy and tasty Vermont Brewery

Sean Lawson & I in his tidy and tasty Vermont Brewery

A big thank you to Sean Lawson of Lawson’s Finest for a very fun and tasty visit while in Vermont. He graciously took the time on a gorgeous snowy Saturday to give us a tour of his brewery – “Vermont’s Smallest” – on our trip.

He’d reached out a while back when I announced the trip so we had a connection planned.

Alas! Mother nature decided to snow and storm – which is great unless you’re needing to get safely to a destination on relatively rural roads.

We were able to connect a day later – whew! And what tasty fun it was. Sean plied us with a few of his beers and then generously gave us a few parting gifts to extend the experience. We enjoyed both of them recently with hosts who also like beer and p1040064particularly trying new beers.

The Big Hapi IBA – India Black Ale was first. Grapefruity, terrific floral aroma, gorgeous color and nice head. Full flavored and delicious.

Next came the Farmhouse Rye – Belgian style, 11% ABV, very nice. Would pair very nicely with a grilled pear and havarti or gouda cheese sandwich.

As with all the brewers we’ve had the pleasure of visiting with on this trip, Sean shares the passion. Well made beer comes in many forms from many people.

And I for one am thankful for them all.


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