Swig & Stitch is a collaboration, brilliantly started by Sandi Globus, long time successful businessperson and owner of Fabric of Vision. We’ve been conducting a monthly beer version of Swig & Stitch for going on three years (she started with a wine bar 7 years ago and it’s still going strong!).

Each month we meet at our host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, wherein Sandi proceeds to teach sewing techniques, illustrated via specific projects. She educates, shares, answers questions and leads. I get to intersperse beer and food tastings (3 times) between the illustration projects.

Since we’re at a public establishment, it’s inevitable that people come into the usually open room where we meet and look around, realize there’s ‘something going on’ and amble out. Something going on for sure.

Education, social, value.* Sewing technique workshop partnered with beer tasting. What a great combination!

Heck, we have people that don’t sew very much, people that don’t drink very much beer and they all come for the 3 Universal Truths listed above.*

We’ll keep at it since it’s successful all around. Here’s the menu we enjoyed last night.

Want your own Swig & Stitch party? Hire us directly (it’s a trademarked name too). Be in touch.

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