April is hosting a tasting with tapas tonight in Kirkland (okay, so it’s just outside of Seattle). She invited 8 other people to come enjoy, learn, savor, try, and otherwise have a fun and enlightening time with beer.

She’s a good friend along our route who enjoys beer, likes the social element it can foster and is also a fan of good food appropriately paired with beverage.

p1030004It’s easy and simple to throw your own tasting event.

  1. Think of friends who would enjoy trying different beers; size of groups depends on the amount of room you have to comfortably sit your guests.
  2. Invite said friends over on a chosen day, afternoon or night.
  3. Plan some simple and complementary foods to go with the beers – foods bring out flavors in both parts of the equation.
  4. Serve beers paired with foods in courses. I like small plates to stretch it out and really make it be special.
  5. Enjoy.


You can either provide the beers & foods yourself as host or you can ask comers to bring a certain thing to help share costs.

Either way, it’s a win all around for women & men & beer.

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  1. Leah

    Ging – we were so very happy to host you, Larry & your girls. What a gift to have you visit us! All our best to you for the rest of your journey! Hope to see you back in the Pacific NW again soon! L, G, E & Z


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