If you are in the population that celebrates Thanksgiving, here are a few of my favorite suggestions to go with some after traditional flavors of the holiday.

Sausage, walnut, cranberry & celery stuffed acorn squash

Sausage, walnut, cranberry & celery stuffed acorn squash

1. Bell’s Lager and Edison. These are 2 of my favorite lagers around. Crisp, nicely and lightly hoppy, very refreshing. Good for any energetic projects the holiday may bring.

2. Russian River’s Belgians. These lush, full bodied beers pair nicely with flavors such as savory squash dishes, roasted poultry.

3. Chili beers. Day after turkey chili? Perfect. Add some zing to the meal with a well balanced chili beer. They also help you make a great Bloody Mary.

4. Lambics. They’ll pair very well with your desserts of the holiday, particularly pies, tarts and chocolate.

Bon Appetit and Happy Thanksgiving All.

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