Looking out our deck in Ashland

Looking out our deck in Ashland

Thanks to everyone who followed the Home Free Tour of 2009. It was unbelievably incredible – and that’s an understatement to get to see this marvelous country of ours, meet remarkable people, savor great beer and good food, see the sites, talk with so many generous and kind folks.

There are now tons of stats in the arsenal to help WEB as well. We visited  well over 30 breweries on the route, traveled over 15,000 miles, met dozens of great people and have plans to return to several of the places we stayed. By the time we figured our way around town, it was time to move along.

I’ll cover the breweries in the coming weeks as well as other stories beer related to help us all continue to sustain and grow support of the beer community at large.

For now, know the welcome mat is out and ready in Ashland Oregon, where we landed. It’s gorgeous, wonderful to wake up to mountains as I have wanted to do for years, and breathe it all in.

With a good beer of course…there are 2 breweries in town already. Standing Stone and Caldera.


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