If you have any kind of taproom, pub, beer garden, restaurant or otherwise serve food, what’s on the food menu?

The assumption is in place that you are passionate about the beer. So when you look at your food choices, do they match the passion of the beer (even if the choice is simply pretzels)?

If so – great. If no, what gives?

Why would you encourage sub par food to be eaten with your high quality beer? Really. It’s like cooking in a dirty kitchen with prime ingredients. It’s like brewing in a moldy brewery – the pride and effort you’ve already invested in the front end needs to carry all the way through.

Easy and reasonably priced food can still be tasty and match your beer.

One thing women tell me about why they don’t like (some) pubs is the food selection. In fact there’s one brewpub very close to where I live that I’d like to go spend an evening at – yet their food quite frankly is poorly done, greasy and gut bombish. It’s not even good greasy food.

When given the choice why would anyone who values their beer want to go have gut bomb food? Good fresh fried foods is not what I am talking about here either – ’cause I’m all for that when the grease is fresh and it’s not the only cooking method on the menu.

You’ve paid so much attention to the beer. Pay some heed to the food – and you’ll generate more business from women & men alike.

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