If you’re a regular reader here, you may remember a piece I wrote about how attending a wine tasting was a fantastic refresher and teacher to relate to beer tasting.

Well, my friends, I went to another wine tasting event last weekend. And I’m here to share more, again, on how similar the sensory experience execution is. It’s a terrific way to welcome, engage and encourage the education of yourself and others. It also helps build confidence: when you know how to taste one beverage, you can transfer those ideas to another. And another. And then food.

Kara & Greg, Winemakers, teaching the interested more about wine & tasting

Kara & Greg, Winemakers, teaching the interested more about wine & tasting

Here’s what I learned this time courtesy of winemakers Kara and Greg, Wooldridge Creek & Warrick Wines.

  • Fluctuating temperatures are not good for wine. Consistency is best.
  • White Zinfandel is made with the same grapes as red zin, the juice simply spends more ‘time on the skins’ (picking up color).
  • What does “Old Vine” mean? It means the vines are old enough to bear fruit.
  • Trellising grape vines is a recent practice only going back 60+/- years.
  • Hedonistic is a great gustatory word to use!
  • In order to be viable business wise (at least in Southern Oregon) a vineyard needs to be at least 50 acres in size.
  • Tannin’s are natures antioxidants
  • Grapes are one of the very few agriculture crops that have no GMO influence
  • In Europe, they drink by region. Drinking by style is very American.
  • Salivation = heightened senses = better tasting
  • Claret and Meritage are marketing words, with Meritage being a royalty-paid usage.

I encourage you to go taste beer, wine, spirits, sour cream, cheese, chocolate, broccoli and anything else wherein you get to learn about the food featured. Being a ‘smart’ person means keeping your mind and palate open and sharing with others the knowledge you gather.

Education makes the world go round. I’ll drink a glass of wine to that!

p.s. if you wonder what winemakers drink….read this.

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