Hospitality = your customers living life through your brand.

What is your brand all about? Why is the story so important?

It’s important because that’s how buyers and customers make their decisions – based on the story you tell and live. They want to know how it came to life, what you do each day and how you’re continuing to live & build your business authentically.

Hospitality is the practice of inviting and welcoming people into your fold.

Hospitality is Queen.

Hospitality is Queen.

Great brands are hospitable to their customers. They hold the doors open, eagerly anticipating the arrival of these esteemed people. It’s a virtuous circle.

Women, men and all genders everywhere gravitate toward stories told to include them – to be aspirational as well as inspirational. Hospitality is the great sauce to pour into your efforts to invite everyone in.

Beer companies will do well to serve women – to be hospitable and treat them all with equal respect and regard. They do, after all, control the majority of spending in the USA. Check out the library if info here from Marti Barletta.

Rest assured: everyone is nobody’s market. You have to know who you’re marketing to. That said, beer business should absolutely want women. Women already want beer. Let’s connect the dots.


You can buy the book now: How To Market Beer To Women: Don’t Sell Me A Pink Hammer, by calling 515.450.7757.

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