NOTE: This post is a personal reflection of my own ideas today. Back to the ‘usual’ next time.

Today is an herstoric day in America: we’re in the final hours of a truly powerful presidential election. Day 0. What will we learn at the end of the day, when the votes have been tallied, when the polls are closed and the pundits (for once) are as quiet as the rest of us – awaiting the final count and outcome.

Some of the keys to me include the facet of how people have shifted their focus from gender to credibility. Thankfully, we’re past the gender garbage of wondering what that means. It simply means another person will be in office. That’s it.

Another key is that ethics have entered the public conversation, accompanied with ugly rearings of racism, sexism, and gross categorization and demeaning of certain members of our populations. It’s a double whammy when we remember that ALL people in the USA are immigrants, every single one. Even the native populations had to migrate from elsewhere at one time. Populations don’t simple materialize, they move and relocate.

So why am I writing about the presidential election on a site focused on women and beer?

Because the relationships are unmistakable to me.

  1. Ms. Clinton could be our next president; thereby raising the profile of the overdue full respect of women in America, ne – everywhere. One by one, example by example, with more and more women speaking up & stepping up and holding their own as humans – not as women – we make progress across the globe. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant. She’s qualified and understands the gigantic job ahead of her. She’s dedicated her entire life to public service, for better and for worse. And she’s weathered some remarkable storms.
  2. The denigration by Mr. Trump of so many people is almost unbelievable. Dictatorships, Democratic Republics, Authoritarian, Oligarchy, Totalitarian and so on. These systems could show up in different ways should he be elected, based on style of running his life. The lack of ethics and big think of the people, by the people and for the people. I have no beef with him personally – rather it scares the living crap out of me that anyone, of any make and model, gender, background and age, could potentially be set into one of the most powerful offices in the world. We’d go inevitably and damningly backwards, immediately.

There are so many more reasons why this particular presidential election is at the surface for me today. I woke at 2 by my dog barking and found myself wondering, “are the candidates already up or can they actually sleep right now?”

While we’re voting in a new president, we’re also voting in (and reelecting) many thousands of other individuals to carry forth our governing of this great country.

The country is already great. Yes, we have all sorts of ills to cure and correct. And it’s still one of the greatest countries in the world. We can go to the polls safely and in no fear for our lives. That’s great indeed.

So today, I’d make a request of you: Vote.

That’s what we can all do. Vote and encourage – do what you have to do to get the people you know to vote as well. We take for granted that we can do so freely now – that many, many people put their lives on the line – with some losing their lives in the interest that we may be able to do so freely and in an unharassed manner.

Never take freedom for granted. The election today is a crystal clear example of democracy in working order. Listen, inquire, challenge, question, appreciate, speak up, activate, do. Vote. Whatever you do, exercise that hard-earned right.

If you feel like you’re choosing between “a lesser of two evils” then I’d ask you to consider who is at least experienced and successful in the profession and world of politics.

The dominoes have been lined up and finally been tipped. I sent in my ballot a week ago. My fingers are crossed. I’ll be anxious to see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for reading.

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