Coming Events

We hope the beginning of the holiday season finds you well and healthy.
Be sure to savor all your favorite treats in moderation with people you value.
We’re grateful for your support and wish you all a rollickin’ fun & tasty December!!

Save These Dates!!
1. December 2nd, this Thursday – Hoppy Holidays! Shopping $pecials from 4 – 7, event from 7 – 830, & everybody gets a present! RSVP due by 5 pm 11.30.10 (Tuesday)
2. January 11th 2011 – We’re partnering with Kaleidoscope for a full on Beer & Food dinner (makes a terrific gift!). Limited seating, RSVP by 1.8.10.
3. January 20th 2011 – Our ‘regular’ WEB meet up – Budget Helper! We’ll offer an entertaining and delicious time at a reduced price this month with more 2 or more simultaneous registrations.
4. February 10th 2011 – This months WEB meet up is at the gorgeous Salon Isabella. Come for a totally new take on a visit to the stylist!
All details and registration information is here.

One more thing about upcoming events:
Maybe you noticed we’ll have shopping & special deals on the Women Enjoying Beer goods the night of the 2nd. You can absolutely come shop even if you are unable to stay and enjoy the event with us. Shopping will be from 4 – 7 pm, cash & checks accepted. WEB Shirts, WEB Hats, Beer Gear Boxes, and a few other goodies – hopefully hot-of-the-press gorgeous WEB note cards and postcards as well…special prices good from 4 – 830 that night.

All other times they are available when you call me or buy them online here.

Some of you have tuned into the pending WEB Enewsletter too – thanks!! We’re gearing up to launch it in December. Please let me know directly if you are interested. We’ll do an intro special for a while, then with kinks worked out, it’ll go full bore the first part of next year.

The Bringing Beer To Life Enewsletter will be a subscription based, female beer consumer focused monthly offering full of beer & food & events & recipes & ideas & interesting people & places & breweries &….you get the idea. Feedback, as always, is encouraged. We can only improve for you when we know what needs to be addressed.

Calling All Opinionated Women!!
Part of the reason the beer industry is starting to pay more and more attention to WEB is due to you – the woman with an opinion about beer. Focus Groups provide relevant and timely information that helps drive our credibility and listenability as women who enjoy beer. When you are ready to host between 4 and 12 women at your home or work for a focus group, let me know. They’re loads of fun, a great reason to assemble friends and learn more about each other. It’s easy, inexpensive and highly fascinating.

Sign-up for the events today, enjoy a good rest of year and we’ll be in touch again in a few weeks.
Kum Bae (cheers in Korean ala one woman who enjoys beer) –

Ginger & Kate

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Beery Thanks

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving has passed and we’re onto the end of the year 100 yard dash, I want to make this opportunity opportune in a thankful vein.

Here’s a short list in no particular order of people, breweries, companies and supporters that I want to raise my glass to.

And of course, my family, friends and colleagues far and wide. There are a ton more names and people that I send the thank you vibe out to as well.

Indeed – you’re all what makes WEB fun and worth doing. Cheers!

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Good Beer Comes In Cans

If you’re a person who gets out and about, particularly to parks and areas where bringing glass is verboten, then look to cans.

Beer in cans is a smart choice

Canned beer is miles ahead of where it used to be and more and more craft beer is being carefully canned for every one’s enjoyment. There are a number of reasons canning beer is smart for the beer, for the brewery, for the distributor and for the consumer.

1. Aluminum cans are eco friendly. They’re lighter weight (reducing carbon footprint in shipping), and are almost infinitely recyclable into new cans  and require way less raw material into recycled vs. new. I’ve heard up to 95% less bauxite, here’s another vantage point.

2. You can bring canned goods into parks and recreation areas. While you most likely wouldn’t slip a bottle of beer into each ski pants pocket, cans would be good. If you wipe out with cans you’ll still not (likely) gashing your leg wide open and you’re respecting the rules of no glass. Still pack everything out, of course.

3. Cans eliminate light. UV and fluorescent light is the enemy of beer. Canned beer totally gets rid of light as an element of danger (keep it cool though too!).

4. Cans have less head space inside than bottles. And less gas, air or otherwise, is better for beer. Oxygen in particular is bad for beer.

5. Cans are lined now where as they used to not be – hence the strong (if not accurate theses days) taste memory of a metallic taste. Regardless, it’s best for the beer and your flavor experience to pour a beer out of whatever vessel it comes in and into a glass. Can, bottle, or keg.

Having been at the inaugural CANFEST in 2009, it was heartening to see that the attendees clearly didn’t give a rip what kind of container the beer came in. They were simply there to enjoy it.

So enjoy your beer and think about cans, or re- think it if you have a bias. Dozens of US brewers are now canning…it’s a great choice for the beer, the drinker and the earth.

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An Impromptu Meeting of the Beer Minds

Tonya (center), Larry (right) and Todd (left) all taste some beers

Check it out: Three brewers, informally together, tasting beer.

It’s a lovely site to behold and happily so relatively commonplace. This picture was from a recent trip to Bend, Oregon – home of numerous breweries.

Tonya’s leading Larry of Standing Stone Brewing Company (r) and Todd of Caldera Brewing (l). Tonya is the award winning and very sharp and fun brewer of Bend Brewing Company.

All the beers tried in the brew house were on target per style according to the three assembled here. Kudos to the craft brewing community in all of our communities.

Support your local brewers!

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WEB Upcoming Events & Happenings

Here we are into November already – and we’re hoping the fall has been very good to you. Be sure to enjoy some fall beers including Pumpkin beers. They can vary all over the flavor map so get a few friends together to each buy a different kind, then do a tasting comparison some cool evening. A savory root vegetable and/or meat soup with fresh crusty bread can pair nicely with the sweet maltiness a lot of fall beers offer.

Fall into fall beers

We’ve got a great looking line up of Upcoming Eventswow!! Take a look and be sure to sign up sooner than later for the ones you’re interested in. Registrations will be up shortly on the Events Page.

December: Happy Hoppy Holidays!

We’ll meet at the lovely Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland to celebrate the end of the year together Thursday December 2nd, 7 – 830.

Locally based Summit Distributing is graciously partnering with WEB to provide 4 oh-ho-so-tasty beers that we’ll pair with scrumptious holiday eats. Only 20$ per person, $18 each if you register 4 or more people at the same time.
There will be a bonus pre-event shopping time from 4 – 7, and of course afterward as well. See what women who enjoy beer are on your list and come ready to take in some *special event only* prices on Beer Gear. (cash and check accepted)
p.s. Lithia Springs Resort has generously offered you a goodie too – if you want to stay at the Inn the night of this event, you can have half off any room! Call Robin directly at 541.690.6946 to book it.

Plan ahead for these beery events

January collaboration: “This is the One!!”
Come join us for an inaugural women & beer event at Kaleidoscope Pizza. Women Enjoying Beer & Kaleidoscope are partnering to launch their fabulousness to women at this tasty event.
Sign up today for a full 5 course dinner  where select terrific beers will be paired with delicious foods specifically made by the talented Kaleidoscope kitchen for the evening.
Plan to meet at Kaleidoscope Pizza on January 11th from 7 to 9 pm.
WEB followers have first dibs on tickets until 11/15. As of November 16th Kaleidoscope will be letting all their fine patrons know and it’s sure to fill up very fast.
We’ve only have 50 seats (really). All reservations can be made here (they won’t be taking them at the restaurant).
At only $35 per woman for a 5 course, full service evening – it’s a spectacular value.
What a grand way to get into the new year! Hope to see you there 11 January 2011.
p.s. this would make a really cool holiday gift!

January: New Year Budget-Watcher Special

WEB will have the first ‘regular’ meet up in the New Year Thursday the 20th, 7 – 830 pm (location pending). We’ll feature beers from the fantastic locally based Summit Distributing and have a nice tasting and pairing of 4 delicious winter beers with 4 matching foods.

Regular/single tickets are $20 each. If you bring a beer compatriot and you register at the same time it’s only $15/each. Relax post holiday with Women Enjoying Beer!

February: “What’s The Deal With It?!”

Be with us at Salon Isabella to learn all about what Drew’s fabulous crew can do for you. That’s the deal. The Salon Isabella crew will be offering different stations of information to highlight their services and talents.

It’ll be a free ranging fun evening with beer and accompanying nibbles set up throughout this beautiful salon. Thursday February 10th, 7 – 830, $20/each; 4 or more registering at the same time are only $15/each.

As usual, you’ll be savoring some delicious beers paired with some equally yummy roving munchies. Salon Isabella is located at 108 East Hersey Street – Suite 1, Ashland. Come ‘deal with it’ with Women Enjoying Beer and Salon Isabella!
And lastly today – we’re still on track to launch a Women Enjoying Beer Monthly Bringing Beer To Life enewsletter subscription. It’ll offer beer info, brewery info, travel tips , event info, recipes, tasting & pairing suggestions, fun pieces about women & beer and lots more. Watch for it to launch December 1st. It’d make a terrific holiday gift for the female beer enthusiast in your life (you included!).

WEB will also be launching a Beer Business Enewsletter subscription come January 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

Thanks as always, for your time, attention, and support. We’re continually on the look out for more women who enjoy beer – wherever they may be. Feel very free to forward this along as you wish. We appreciate the spread very much! And – always – let us know how we can be at your service.

Cheers & take good care –


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Steinlager Pure Musings

The good folks at The Thomas Collective sent us a sample of Steinlager Pure. So here we are – having tasted it and ready to talk a bit about it.

While Women Enjoying Beer is not a beer review business, we are glad to glad to pass along thoughts and ideas about any beers that are so thoughtfully sent out way. Previously we were sent Monteith’s and we get the yummy new releases from Grand Teton regularly. Thanks to them all!

We feature them at events when there are enough samples to pass around to the women who join us.

So – Steinlager Pure: It came in a pressed cardboard 6 pack, in a green bottle. Brown is best as it blocks beer killing sunlight.

Packaging: Simple, classic in a good way, not dated, no sexism (HOORAY!!), and overall well done. Wondering if the bottles in our sample pack – which were wrapped in brown paper – will be wrapped as such in all cases.

Steinlager poured a really beautiful yeast healthy head

Flavor: Crisp, refreshing, on track for a lighter bodied lighter flavored beer. Very nice really. You can pair this beer with many foods that would be happy to be accompanied by a lighter flavored beer. They don’t list the style on the website so we are left wondering what style category it falls into. I’d guess a Pilsner or Kolsh….

Description: Balanced per hops and malty, light straw color, smooth taste. The label, while very clean and uncluttered, needs to have some flavor description on it. When any beer doesn’t have flavor info on it, it’s less likely to appeal to women (focus group input).

The website could use more easily accessible info – like flavor description, style category, and food pairing suggestions.

I’d certainly drink and enjoy a Steinlager Pure again. If you see it on your store’s shelves, and hopefully it’s been kept cool and out of direct sunlight, go ahead and try it.

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What Beer Do You Personify?

What beer do you think is closest to a personification comparison for you and to you?

What beer to you personify?

A bitter beer or a malty one? One that has been filtered or a cloudy brew? A dark yet light beer or a light yet full flavored one?

And what of the vessel you’d want to embody, so to speak? Would it be the inexpensive and abusive conventional tapered mass everywhere pint glass? Would it be a shapely and fitting tulip or snifter style? What of a straight up Pilsner glass or tiny cordial piece of crystal?

Next – what temperature are you – or rather, would you be best at? Hot? Cold? Chilly? Room temperature? Or do you even care?

The impossible question that people ask “what beer is your favorite” probably (and hopefully) fluctuates and so then would the personification comparison.

That said, we all have go-to beers. Favorite, reliable, I-can-count-on-you brews. Which one of those given best case scenario would you be? Hmmmm?

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Beverages of the Last Week

What beers and other beverages did you partake of last week?

yummy home made mead

I was in Minnesota visiting family and friends and here’s what I enjoyed.

  • Summit Pilsner
  • Makers Mark Bourbon – I’m one of the populations 30% of cross drinkers (will drink beer, wine & spirits)
  • Templeton Rye Whiskey mmmmmmmmmm!
  • Home brewed Mead – black currant and chili pepper & cardamon. Oh my gosh delish!
  • Skim Milk (just checking if you are paying attention)

Take a look at what appeals and resonates with you. Share it with others. Cheers!

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Beer Infographica

Inforgraphics are popping up all over and some of them are pretty cool. The timelines and combination of information/graphics on these brew charts are great for a weekend escape (click to enlarge)

World of Beers

Beer Flavors Wheel

The Story of Beer

Here’s another fantastic inforgraphic at Daily Inforgraphc – 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer


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Are You A Female Who Enjoys Beer?

If you’re a woman who wants to learn  about beer in a social, educational and fun atmosphere, the Women Enjoying Beer Club idea is for you.

We’ve got some great things brewing, including events; membership (with all kinds of perks); and a few publications.

Look for great information about beer and food combinations, brewers doing it right (including marketing to women), some examples of what to avoid, what (and maybe who) to embrace, events you’ll want to attend and much more.

Get in touch and let me know how I can help you set up an event or club.


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Congrats to Taylor's Sausage Grand Opening in Bend OR

Taylor's Sausage - photo by Kate Parks

Cheers and kudos to the Taylor’s Sausage crew for a well received and tasty grand opening in Bend Oregon. It’s still going on in Bend for another week so get thee there (if you live close).

They were kind enough to invite me to come join the fun during lunch last Saturday – it was busy busy busy!

To complement the voluminous array and high quality sausages they offer to eat on premise and take home, they have a really nice selection of beer. Specifically 9 different Oregon beers on tap – a nice range of flavors and styles. From Pilsner to Imperial IPA – you are sure to select a fresh beer to enjoy with your food.

Support your local brewer and sausage maker.

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Fabulous Dinner in St. Paul OR

Part of the fantastic host crew

My hearty and heartfelt thanks for the Coleman & Friends Crew for inviting me to help them host a dinner this past Saturday night they had generously donated for an auction at a local charitable organizations fundraiser. What a great way to combine business and community!

All six of the hosts were thoughtful, fun, and dug right into any instructions to ensure the evening was a smashing success for the lucky 10 around the table. They’ve given the dinner before and surely it was terrific too.

Here’s what the menu looked like:

Course 1 - Fresh Hopped IPA & Cheeses

Course 1: Long Brewing Fresh Hopped IPA paired with sharp cheddar cheese on simple crackers, Rogue Creamery Smoked Bleu and Oregon Bleu cheeses on simple crackers with drizzled honey (bleu cheers + honey = amazing flavor experience). The sharp cheddar cheese pairs particularly well with IPA’s – the grapefruit flavors really shine through (adding fresh grapefruit to this combo in season makes it even better!)

Course 2: Standing Stone Oktoberfest (donated by their brewer) paired with fresh chunky tomato soup with spinach and oregano. the maltiness of the Oktoberfest complements the high acidity of the tomatoes very well. Make lots of soups – they get better and better as they age a few days.

Course 3: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale paired with a salad of baby mixed lettuce and spinach with fresh black mission figs stuffed with chevre (Oh my gosh!!), lightly toasted prosciutto (makes it slightly crispy and accentuates the sweet saltiness to it), and chopped walnuts, tossed with a slightly sweet balsamic vinaigrette.

Dessert in progress

Course 4: Golden Valley Red Thistle Red paired with a fork tender spicy braised beef stew and sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apricots and fresh spinach over tiny cous cous. Spices in the stew included cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, and ginger to really complement the Red.

Course 5: Fire Mountain Brewhouse Steam Fired Stout AND Lindeman’s Frambois Lambic – we offered two (great to offer 2 beers per course sometimes) and served them both in stemware with a warm cornmeal shortbread with warm berry port sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Suffice it to say, everyone was sated and satisfied. Keep exploring with beer and food. It’s fun, social and a great reason to get together with others to celebrate darn near anything.

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Come As A Woman – Yes They Did!

Larry, Lorraine & Gary - "women" all! Photo by Kate Parks

Last night for our monthly event, we decided to open it to the men who were lamenting “what about us?” and feeling left out of the regular women’s only events. So, open the doors and our arms we did to the men. They simply had to come as a woman.

HA! We had several men show up to enjoy the fun and good natured (no pun intended) ribbing and camaraderie at the Come As A Woman Oktoberfest meet up. From Larry and Gary’s full-on hose and wigs, to the feminine props of the others, a great time was had by all.

In fact, our host was having a simultaneous event and we got into a sort of ridiculously fun and silly German chant-off. Of course we won some, they won some. And for the rest of the

Great guests - photo by Kate Parks

evening, we got looky-lous who came into the event room we were cozily set up in.

Stien’s up to the game guests, terrific hosts at the newly opened Bavarian theme Frau Kemmling – especially Stacy, Micheal and Tim, and all the good time goers present.

Here is the menu we enjoyed:

Opening toast with Paulaner Pilsner

1st Course – Spaten Oktoberfest with Leberkase, a German style meatloaf, brie, red onions, and mushrooms on a skewer

Larry & Crasher - photo by Kate Parks

2nd Course – HB Hefeweizen with Spatzle mit kase, (unbelievably yummy) German style dumplings with diced ham, onions, 3 cheeses and herbs.

3rd Course – Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse with Bratwurst

4th Course – Spaten Optimator (said as a group with our best Ahhnold accent) with German Chocolate cake

This will become one of our annual events – can’t wait for next year already. Our own fabulous Kate took lots of great pictures – enjoy the ones included here.

However you enjoy your beer, have fun with it. Prosit!!

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Limestone Women & Beer & Food Event

Limestone's Brewery

A big fat Thanks to the entire Limestone Brewing Crew for a fun and enlightening inaugural woman’s beer event. They already throw terrific events around beer and it was such a pleasure to get to collaborate with Ken (Brewer), Alex (GM), Adam & Christina (Servers), and Juan and Augustine (Kitchen). My many thanks!

More importantly – thanks to the attendees: Melissa, Erika, Wendy, Lori, Leslie, Trisha, Jess, Lindsey, Sylvia, Carol, Amy, Paula, Kirsten, Christina, Laurie, Melissa, Joan and Penny. Woo Hoo!!! The guests make the party and a fun one it was.

FYI – some of the courses were paired with 2 beers – mostly because there was an opportunity to partner two beers with the foods for different flavor experiences. Works out well that way.

A nicely set table to feature craft beer and delicious food

Here’s the special menu made up just for the event:

1st Course – Old Chicago Amber Ale and Professor Darnell’s Berry Ale paired with baked brie with walnuts, mushrooms and shallots.

2nd Course – Wheatlander Hefeweizen with Limestone Beer Cheese soup (classic!!)

3rd Course – Springbrook Honey Ale and Replicale APA with crab puffs, red cabbage and mustard remoulade. (The nose on the Replicale was incredilicious!!!)

4th Course – Pilcher Pale Ale with eggplant penne pasta with ham and peas

5th Course – Dolomite Oatmeal Stout and Flying Pig Imperial IPA with coffee cake and vanilla ice cream.

Ohmygoshyummy. When are you planning your next/first women and beer event?

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What Makes A Place Return Worthy

Yesterday, I dumped on an exceedingly poor experience. Today, let’s shine some light.

If you read this and say “Ah! These are no brainers” then don’t tolerate it elsewhere either! Speak up – if you’re in the craft/beer community, say something so this does not get repeated (it was an embarrassment).

Okay – what to do:

1. Curb appeal – like it or not, it matters. Make sure your place looks inviting, the lighting is appropriate and not ugly, ugly industrial, too high, weak, fluorescent or otherwise bad. Curb appeal infers you care.

An excellent customer experience can be had at The Publican in Chicago

2. A sign to indicate you’re open or not needs to be nice and readable, not the $2 hunter orange and black variety. Geez, you put so much into your beer (theoretically) why skimp on a bad sign that turns people off?

3. Smell. What does your place smell like – and you can’t be the one to answer it. You smell it so often you’re immune to it. Ask others. Fresh, yes. Like beer is brewing – yummmm! Like industrial pine cleaner (horrific on a taste experience) or urine or garbage, bad bad bad. Clean it top to bottom with your crew 1 – 2 times per year. When everybody cleans it, everybody keeps it cleaner.

4. Clean fixtures – tables, chairs, floors, baseboards, bathrooms. Clean Clean Clean. Things should look, smell, feel, and be clean.

5. Only serve quality goods – beer and food. Simple is good – a simple fresh bowl of pretzels will always be better than a poorly executed and wasted dish of some other ilk. Don’t insult your beer by serving sub par foods.

6. Service. The very words connotes that you will indeed be served – whatever your model looks like. Drill home the servant mentality, train, teach everyday, reinforce, retrain, reteach, reinforce, rinse repeat. the passion for the customer has to come form the top too.

7. Value. Value = experience + company + environment + time spent + dollars. Get all the pieces right and it’s a fit. Get any of them wrong, then it’s time to evaluate and start over.

8. Training and education, leadership and guidance are critical pieces of the pie if you’re a one person show or if you employ hundreds. People love to patronize well run operations. Give them lots of reasons, starting here.

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Come As A Woman Event 10.14.10

Hello There Friends!

We are hosting our FIRST EVER event where MEN are welcome to join us too!

Come As A Woman at Frau Kemmling

Women Enjoying Beer is about Bringing Beer To Life. WEB organizes events (for women, men, and women & men), offers workshops, gives presentations and conducts research and focus groups. Women Enjoying Beer is meant to serve female beer consumers and help the beer community accurately market beer to women, which is better for everyone.

Our monthly events are a ball! We do them regularly every 2nd Thursday of the month. Plan to come join us. We always serve at least 4 different beers with 4 complementary foods ranging in a variety of everything from ice cream to salsa. Mmmm. Yum.

Women Enjoying Beer Oktoberfest: Comes As a Woman!
We get to meet this month at the fabulous new Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus
Details: 7 – 830 pm Thursday October 14th, $20/per person
Where: 525 Bigham Knoll Jacksonville OR, featuring select beers paired with their signature Bavarian foods.
Everyone is welcome if they come as a woman. Men, here’s you’re chance to join us!
Reserve your spot here by 10/12.

We know this event is going to be a lot of hilarious and tasty fun. So bring your guy or bring your gal, or bring yourself – just make sure you are dressed as a wo-man!

One more thing: This is a viral invite, so if you think you might know someone that would be interested, please spread the word.

Hope to see you soon.

Kate Parks, Women Enjoying Beer, Beer Diplomat

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10 Things A Brewery Can Do To Attract The Female Consumer

10 Things you can do today to attract and develop female beer enthusiasm:

1. Offer beer in conjunction with food – suggest pairings, don’t wait for the customer to try and figure it out.

2. Name your beers descriptively. Technically describing them does very little for the consumer. Use flavor adjectives.

Beer and frittata paired together

3. Host regular women’s open houses to feature your beers.

4. Find other locations like local restaurants, growers and farms and retailers to host an event and feature your beers to women.

5. Start a women’s beer affinity group. Use only ‘Women’ or ‘Females’, not girls, babes, chicks, etc.

6. Make sure your business has a proper representation of women and women working there. Women = 50.9% of the population.

7. Use your story to sell your beer. They can buy anything in that glass – the story sells.

Use signs to help you educate customers - internally and externally

8. Always have a variety – DON’T RUN OUT!!! Outs are bad if they’re on the menu. Change the menu immediately upon running out.

9. Use signage. Signs are silent sales people.

10. Capitalize on events already happening in your area – like American Craft Beer Week, festivals, parades, family events and so forth.

And one more – because there are hundreds:

Have a dedicated and knowledgeable marketing person on board. You can’t afford not to.

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Dark And Brewed-y Beers


Random weekday in town. Stopped at a stoplight (sunny so the top is down on the convertible). The Women Enjoying Beer magnetic signs are, of course, on the car.

Dark & Brewed-y beer (not so much broody)

Car next to me, white minivan, pulls up to stop, glances over, I do the same and smile.

  • She says: “I enjoy beer.”
  • Me: “What kinds of beers to you enjoy?”
  • Her: “Dark and broody”
  • Me: “Dark and brewed-y?”
  • She: [with a smile] “Yes!”

Since we’re still waiting for the light to change, My Fine beer loving Husband, gets a business card and reaches it over to give it to her.

We all exchange one more last smile, a cheers!, and away we go. All in the course of a day in the life of Women Enjoying Beer.

Are you approachable? Are you listening to what consumers have to say? Are you acting on that input?

If I had a dollar for each person who commented on the WEB car signs on the sides and back of the vehicle, I’d be able to treat a large party to the craft beers of their choice for a few hours – of course, paired with great food. (hint – free marketing tip!)

Thanks to the dark and brewed-y beer lover.

Now…it’s time to keep working on changing vernacular (i.e. ‘dark’ = ‘heavy’, both need work per myth busting…)

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Happy Craft Beer Week Chicago!

Chicago Illinois

I happen to be in the Windy City for the NBWA convention and I see there’s a bunch going on to celebrate craft beer. As well there should be.

Here’s one good list to guide you to your beer. Thanks Mark for the inclusion – Limestone and I are looking forward to a tasty and fun event.

So go find some good craft beer wherever you may be.

Me? I’ll go listen to Julia and Paul give The Times They Are A Changin’ then make final touches on my presentation (tomorrow at 730 am), Proactivity – The Way To the Female Beer Buyer.

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