Gluten Free Tasting

p1030012Last night our good friend April held a tasting event for several fun lovers in Kirkland WA. Common denominator was gluten free. Got it. Easy to accommodate.


Because there are more and more choices for gluten free beers as well as numerous choices for hard Ciders.

Here’s what we had.

  • Course 1 Redbridge with soft tangy Chevre on a crisp soy rice cracker
  • Course 2Newton’s Folly Draft Cider with fresh Washington Honeycrisp apples, apple smoked garlic cheddar cheese on corn/potato/rice tortilla chips
  • Course 3 –  Fox Barrel Red Currant Cider with fresh spinach and mixed greens salad with local melon, pears and slivered almonds drizzled with Champagne pear Gorgonzola dressing.
  • Course 4Green’s Amber Ale with freshly smoked salmon
  • Course 5 Bard’s Gold with Dagoba dark chocolate

Mmmmmmm…. all tasty, all gluten free, all good.

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Tasty in Seattle

April is hosting a tasting with tapas tonight in Kirkland (okay, so it’s just outside of Seattle). She invited 8 other people to come enjoy, learn, savor, try, and otherwise have a fun and enlightening time with beer.

She’s a good friend along our route who enjoys beer, likes the social element it can foster and is also a fan of good food appropriately paired with beverage.

p1030004It’s easy and simple to throw your own tasting event.

  1. Think of friends who would enjoy trying different beers; size of groups depends on the amount of room you have to comfortably sit your guests.
  2. Invite said friends over on a chosen day, afternoon or night.
  3. Plan some simple and complementary foods to go with the beers – foods bring out flavors in both parts of the equation.
  4. Serve beers paired with foods in courses. I like small plates to stretch it out and really make it be special.
  5. Enjoy.


You can either provide the beers & foods yourself as host or you can ask comers to bring a certain thing to help share costs.

Either way, it’s a win all around for women & men & beer.

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Home Brew in Washington

We’re staying with established friends and new friends along the route. Right now we’re in Wenatchee WA with one of my college roommates and her fine family. The first night we got in her husband plied us (willingly ) with his remarkable home brews. Mmmmmm….

p1020937Last night again….okay, if you must twist my arm.

The great thing about these beers is that they taste great (well made) and they’re served in the proper glass.

I think the crowning glory is that they are savored with friends, as they should be. The good food we’ve been eating is also an added complement.


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GABF Day 3

p1020824So far, it’s been a jammed packed festival. As always, it’s extremely dynamic, busy and fun. My conundrum is this.

There is SO MUCH information to share that I’ll need to  pass it along, parcel it out gradually. Julia, Jill, Bradley, Chris, Gary, Nancy, Andy, Paul, Charlie, Mark, Erin and all the rest…what an incredibly engaged and amazing group of people.

Media Luncheon, Farm To Table, tasting, meeting, connect, Pints for Prostates, PBS, Siebel, etc. Whew!

So today’s tidbit is this.

The festival increased its floor space by 46% this year. When cruising the first night, Thursday, it felt bigger and we noticed right away.

  • The aisles are wider and more accommodating
  • The congestion in front of the can’t-miss-this-beer booths easier to navigate due to increased space
  • And in general an excellent change

More beers, more space, more revelers, more people enjoying beer.

Having been on the other side of the booth in the past, I’d venture a guess the breweries really appreciated the extra space too.

More soon.

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Beer Generosity

Some of you may know my associate, Deidre. She’s a great fit for the beer business we are working on – determined, smart, diplomatic, assertive, willing to make the ask, loves beer.

Gritty's Halloween Ale

Gritty's Halloween Ale

She recently got in touch with Gritty’s per their beers. Well, fun story short, Ann Ewing and Thomas Wilson were able facilitate us trying their Halloween Ale.

THANKS! To Diedre for reaching out, to Ann for reaching back, and to Thomas for sharing.

My thoughts? Tasty fuller bodied beer which will surely go well with lush flavored fall foods; squashes, roasted vegetables, grilled red meats.

And Ann – I’ll hope to see you in November during my cross country trip. I’ll take you up on some good beers & food when we come through Maine.

Cheers & Happy Labor Day All ~

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Good Example

Here’s a good story on how beer and food go together. Be informed and plugged into where our drink and food come from.

Annual Soulstice Party at my homeGetting people together is a perfect format for conversation, as well as good beer, to flow.

I grew up in a family that threw dinner parties – from the arrival cocktail and pupu’s (as my mom called them) to dinner to dessert cordials. I learned how to drink (responsibly), entertain (diplomacy) and take care of guests (customer service). Ever grateful for that early experience, it’s a passion that I have continued.

Farms, homes, apartment, backyards. It doesn’t matter where you get together. People don’t come over to judge your home, they come over to see you. What matters is you. (Do your pub guests feel this way?)

So call a few folks today, make it a late summer potluck if you like. The vegetables available right now, in season, are an even bigger reason to dine with others.

Just do it. You’ll be very glad you did.

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Sticking it at State Fairs

Summit BreweryHaving grown up in Minnesota, and currently living in Iowa, the whole  “_(some sort of food)_ on a stick” fair food is very familair. Not that I cruise or loiter at State Fairs, but I can tell you that they are biggies and great for people watching.

So when I read this, it made me laugh! Summit is a favorite brewery of mine – reliable, satisfying and tasty.

And what better reason to visit the local fair than Beer On A Stick.

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Worthog thanks

state-map-of-usaHere’s to Amy and her sharing this site with me.

I see as of early August she is off and traveling. Enjoy!

Let me know all the great beers (and not so great ones too) you tasted abroad. We’ll be traveling soon as well so any heads-ups will be appreciated.


Photo courtesy of Flickr by Kevin Hutchinson

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Rob & TBC

Rob would most likely get along well with Cheryl and Kelly at The Better Cheddar in Kansas City. Here’s why.

Beer goes with cheese.

Deidre, Cheryl, Ginger & Jennifer (Kelly unseen) at The Better Cheddar

Deidre, Cheryl, Ginger & Jennifer (Kelly unseen) at The Better Cheddar

Here are your instructions:

  1. Buy beer.
  2. Buy cheese.
  3. Pair and eat.

You can get more sophisticated – asking a specialist is very helpful (see afore mentioned folks). And it will certainly streamline the tastebud festivities.

It’s that simple.

One thing Women Enjoying Beer offers is private tasting events (I’ve got lots of great specialists to tap into and help me best pair) as well as assist beer businesses to organize and host these types of events.

And that’s simple too.

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It’s worth the effort.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria. This is where the classic combination (stereotypical or not) is right on.

I had the distinct and full palate pleasure to enjoying tasty beer with hot tasty pizza a short bit back. Can’t wait to go for more.

What makes it great:

  • Overall experience
  • Happy, knowledgeable server
  • Fresh made, hot flavorful pizza
  • Fun atmosphere – watched part of the Cup playoffs…haven’t done that in years.
  • Quality beer, good variety
  • Beer, pizza & hockey turned on its ear.
  • Good value, clean place

Maybe Jennifer and I can find a good place in Kansas City…I bet we can.

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Great Combination

This past weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of hosting a beer & food tasting. The groups are always engaging, enjoyable and fun.


Well, because the audience I am targeting – female consumers – are so interested in being heard ala beer, that they are engaging, enjoyable and fun. They wanna know.

One combination I like to feature is an IPA with sharp cheddar cheese – and when in season – grapefruit as well.

cascade-hopsThe citrusy flavors and aromas of a good solid IPA pair beautifully with these food goodies. American beers that utilize Cascade hops will for sure find this to be true.

It’s eye opening, an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for all who try it.

Message today – pair common foods with your beers. The educational opportunity is huge. Its take home value is also huge.

Fancy is fine later. Start basic (not condescendingly though).

Don’t you want their business?

Photo courtesy of Flickr by

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Did you get to enjoy Savor this past weekend? Unfortunately I was not there (this beer-foodyear) – hoping to go next year.

Beer awareness and de-demonizing beer is a good battle I plan to continue to help fight.

Beer – just like one bad snowmobiler, one bad teacher or one bad apple – is not the devil. It’s the one ‘baddie’, not the whole group. Over the years people have come to blame beer as a scape goat. Untrue. (Look instead to the corrupt sheepherder.)

Indeed, we all need to take FULL responsibility for our own actions, and the consequences of those actions.

Savor, I believe, is all about raising awareness that beer is a premium, affordable luxury. That, incidentally and happily, helped America grow and thrive.

Hats off, I say! Savor your beer (don’t guzzle or slam it) and you’ll be making progress. Beer is tasty, luscious, refreshing, satiating beverage. Enjoy it as such.

Savor it.

Photo coutesy of Flickr by lendandec14

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Tasty Resource

p1010552If you’ve already been there, great! If you have yet to check it out, do so now.

Beer & Food. Food & Beer. Hand in hand.

Seasonal, fresh, tasty, sustainable.

Need more reasons why?

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