Beer Workshops Enhance Culinary Festivals

What a flavorful time! Last weekend we conducted workshops focused on beer at a local culinary festival. It’s a terrific opportunity to bring beer to life and we poured it on.

What makes workshops a success?

1. Guests. When sign up is optional and you have to pay for it, buy in is more proactive. We had the pleasure of having some repeat guests Sunday that has also attended the workshop Saturday. All the guests, one time or repeat, were engaged, curious and fun loving.

2. Host. The host and sponsor, Standing Stone Brewing Company, was gracious and accommodating. Rachel, Events Coordinator, is always a pleasure to work with and the side room where we had the events is cozy and bright.

3. Menu. Beer on Saturday, Beer and Food on Sunday. The brewer at SSBC is highly focused on cleanliness and sanitation, leading to delicious quality beer. The paired foods matched nicely from the brewpub kitchen and we’re nicely presented.

The local Chamber is the organizing body and they did a thorough job of taking care of reservations, fees, advertising, marketing and the actual Festival location and logistics. Kelsey, our primary contact, was on top of details, checked in a few times during the fest, followed up on the workshops and was easily available from the beginning conversation to the end of the event. This is key: have someone who has experience do the organizing.

Here are the menus we enjoyed:

  •     Mmmmm! Ahhhhh! Learning to Smell & Taste Your Beer Saturday 11/3/12: Wildcraft (special batch), Galaxy (seasonal), Double India Pale Ale/IPA (house), and Stout (house)
  •     What A Pair! Learning to Pair Beer & Food Together Sunday 11/4/12:
  •     Double IPA with Crater Lake Blue Cheese, fresh red pears, and light vinegar base purple coleslaw
  •     Oktoberfest (seasonal) and Amber (house) with Bratwurst and braised vegetables
  •     I Love Oregon (house) with New England Clam Chowder
  •     Wildcraft Ale with Stir Crazy chocolate cake, whipped cream and drizzle

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ABC’s Of Women, Beer & Food

Welcome to a new series: The ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food. These may well be 3 favorite things of many folks so it’s time to dig in with a glass, fork & spoon!

A is for Aroma.

One of the first things we notice when enjoying beer and learning more about it is aroma. Lately I’ve come to know that aroma can contribute something like 90% of our overall flavor experience. Since our nose and mouth are inseparable, this makes sense (pun intended).

When you have a beer in front of you, be sure to examine the aroma. I like to teach a few methods that I have learned from other beer professionals.

1. Drive by: Take a fresh pour of beer and draw it evenly under your nose while inhaling normally, once slowly from side to side. Repeat as desired. If the beer has been sitting a while, refresh the aroma by agitating the carbonation in a swirling motion, with your hand on top of the glass to prevent spilling. Swirl and before lifting your hand away be sure to breathe in the aroma.

2. Bloodhound: Take a freshly poured beer and stick your nose deep into the glass. Take a few average size smells, being sure not to be a vacuum cleaner or a hamster. One’s too deep (scent simply runs down into your lungs), one’s too light (not enough strength to get aroma into your oral cavity for a proper sniff).

Aroma applies to your foods as well as other beverages you want to enjoy. Smell them all. They all have aromas to offer.

1. When eating foods, get a hold of the goods at hand with fingers, fork, spoon or tongs, lift to your nose and try the same methods listed above.

2. Explore the food aromas in different temperature ranges: cheeses cold, cheeses slightly warmed up, cheeses room temperature. You’ll experience a vast range of aromas. NOTE: make sure to watch for food safety – don’t leave sensitive food items sitting out too long as to sacrifice safe consumption.

Women and men can learn volumes about beer by doing something as simple as smelling beer before consuming it. While there is a bit of info out there on how women and men may taste differently, WEB is mostly concerned with the simple exercise of actual participation. We’re leaving the science to others.

And in the end, who cares if we do or don’t. What is key to remember is that EVERYONE enjoys aromas, flavor and therefore beer.

Extra Credit Exercises:

  • Pour a fresh beer into various kinds of glassware and see how different the aromas can be, per shape and size of glass.
  • Set a timer after pouring the same beer into 3 – 5 different glasses (same style or different) and smell them in 5 minute intervals.
  • Write an essay if you wish, share with friends. Better yet, do these exercises with friends. Beer brings people together – be the facilitator.



Swig & Stitch Season Opener 2012

Last night we had a record number of guests at Swig & Stitch. 27 fine folks decided they wanted to enjoy sewing technique demos paired with beer & food tastings at our gracious host location, 4 Daughters Irish Pub.

We set up shop in one of the ‘rooms’ which has a pool table (great staging and work platform), plenty of seating (chairs & tables, couches & cushy seats), and dedicated service staff to take good care of everyone.

Season 2 of Beer focused Swig & Stitch has begun!

Our host understands than when you bring people together over beer, there are several benefits. Short list:

  1. The guests have a special place to congregate comfortably and regularly, exposing many to a ‘new’ local business.
  2. The host realizes guests will come early to enjoy beverage and food, which is traffic and revenue on top of our agreement.
  3. We rest assured the host is happy, the guests are happy, and we get to call a partner establishment ‘home’ for the season (October through May) – which makes us happy.

Here’s the menu we enjoyed last night:

Cheers to another edutaining season of pairing beer with other everyday activities that bring beer to life.

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Twisted Tastes With Beer & Food

Of the many flavorful going-ons during next 2 weeks, the Great American Beer Festival, Denver Beer Fest, and Women Enjoying Beer all have much afoot.

One we’re highlighting today is Twisted Tastes – WEB is partnering with Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder Colorado to temp, enlighten, and teach about beer and food together.

Twisted Pine Brewery

Celine Cooper, Twisted Pine’s Events Coordinator, tells us this:

“Here at Twisted Pine we seek to drive innovation and experimentation in our brewing process while taking care of our community and environment. We deliver a refined, unpasteurized product to our friends and neighbors while serving our community and utilizing ethical business practices. After all, brewing isn’t rocket science- its something far more important.”

Cheers to that I say! This event is open to flavor loving women and men. Get your tickets here – now’s a good time since it’s sure to sell out.

BONUS: We’ll be drawing 2 names of paid registrants (for the 10/13 event) next Monday to win General Admission GABF Tickets!! If you’re after great flavor, register by 10/7 to join us for the Twisted Tastes AND be in the running for tickets (2 sets of 2 will be given away by WEB). Winners will be notified by phone 10/8 and must confirm within 24 hours or the tickets will be given away to someone else.

I’m especially looking forward to the course that features Billy’s Chilies (thanks to Justin for the heads up on this beer).

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Writing And Reading About Beer

Here are some of our writings, thanks to for publishing them. Feel free to let know which ones you enjoy by liking them via Facebook.

Whether you do or don’t, be our guest and savor the reading – Cheers!





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Beer Pizza Crust

Cheers to cooking with beer!

One thing we make regularly at my house is Pizza, with – of course, beer in the crust. Think about matching the flavor of the toppings as to which beer to use.

I’ve found that a wide variety of beers can be used: porters and stouts for deeper richer flavors, pilsners and kolsch for fresher lighter flavors, bitter beers to complement spicy toppings.

Evan Benn, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, inspired the post today. He was out Guest on BeerRadio 8/22 and is also a drinks & food enthusiast. (Evan – be sure to send me your beer ice cream recipe!).

  • Everyone: Cook ruthlessly with beer, treating it as a flavorful ingredient. TIP: Store ‘extra’ beer in ice cubes trays/freezer.
  • Beer Businesses: Promote Beer as cooking ingredient, as well as a pairing complement. TIP: Offer preprinted recipe cards at events (Full Sail is good at this)

Pizza Crust with Beer

beer for pizza crust

Start the oven, 400 – 450 degrees is really optimum, so is using a baking stone. You’ll get superior crispy results using stone; a metal sheet pan is fine too.

Heat .75 c of beer choice to between 105 and 110 degrees. Make sure the beer has come to room temperature if just opened, otherwise it will wildy foam over (trust me on this one!).
Add 2.25 teaspoon active dry yeast (1 packet), and let proof. No need to add any sugar, especially since you’re using beer and there are sugars via the malt.
.5 teaspoon of salt is optional. If you’re using a salty topping like pepperoni, I’d advise against it.

rolling out the dough (p.s. wearing a beer shirt to cook in = good!)

Place 2 cups of whole wheat/white flour in a bowl. I use a stand mixer with the dough hook; of course you can mix it by hand as well.
Add heaping eighth cup of dried spices to flour before adding liquid. We use a pizza spice we get from our local Co-op; you can concoct your own by choice.

Add liquid to dry mix, swishing the container before emptying out entirely as some of the yeasty slurry will be left behind if you don’t.

Mix until it forms a soft ball. If too sticky, add a bit of cornmeal or more of the flour you used, until it’s a ball yet not too stiff.
Let sit for about 5 minutes. I turn the bowl with the dough in it upside down on my prep table, on top of the cornmeal I roll it out on to prevent sticking to the table.

YUM! Enjoy ~

Prep other toppings while the dough is resting.

Roll out the dough by hand or pin, place on preheated baking stone, top with remaining goodies, and bake until the cheese begins to brown.

Enjoy with a tasty fresh beer, of course. Even better with friends –

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Toast to Beer

Cheers to people like George, enjoying beer!

Here’s the toast we gave at the Bite of Oregon Chef Stage sessions we lead earlier this month.

“Here’s to beer, wherever you may find it –

Here’s to those who make it, serve it, and write about it –

Here’s to friends known and future with who to enjoy it with –

And here’s to you America – for the freedom and opportunity to make, explore, and savor beer in our communities – Cheers!”

Make up your own toasts at opportune times, from the hip is good, to celebrate beer.

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Think Outside the Pint Recipe #2: Mi Mama’s Flan

Keri Bishop was one of two finalists for the Think Outside the Pint cooking with beer contest, as part of last weekends the Bite of Oregon. This great big delicious event provided the perfect opportunity to involve beer in cooking.

Keri shares: “This recipe originally belonged to my great aunt Idelia.  My mother then modified it when she moved to the USA because she could not purchase all of the ingredients in the original recipe in this country.  I then replaced the water used for the caramel in my Mom’s recipe with beer, because beer just makes everything taste better.

flan ingredients

Here is Keri’s recipe, which I recommend making – it’s totally delicious!

Mi Mama’s Flan with Hazelnut Brown Caramel Sauce

  • 12 ounces of Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown  Beer or similar full flavored beer
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 2 tblsp of Cornsyrup
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 12oz can evaporated milk
  • 140z can condensed milk


  1. In a pot over medium heat dissolve sugar and corn syrup into the beer
  2. Stir mixture occasionally until thick and golden brown (approximately 50 minutes)
  3. Heat the oven to 350 degrees
  4. Keri with her winning flan

    Pour Caramel sauce quickly into and 8x8in, pan and allow to set

  5. While the caramel is setting, whisk together the eggs, vanilla, condensed, and evaporated milks in a large bowl
  6. Pour the custard over the caramel
  7. Fill a 13 x 9 inch pan half way full with boiling water
  8. Place the pan with the flan mixture gently into the 13 x 9 pan hot water bath
  9. Carefully place into the oven and bake for 39 minutes
  10.  After 39 minutes turn the oven off and allow the flan to cool completely in the oven
  11.  Once cooled, place in the refrigerator for 2 hours
  12.  Remove from the refrigerator and slide a knife around the edges
  13.  Flip the pan over gently onto a serving platter scraping the good bits of caramel left in the flan pan over the flan
  14.  Serve and Enjoy!

We’d suggest enjoying it was a glass of the beer you created this deliciousness with – you’ll get an extra bonus of flavor!

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Think Outside The Pint Finalist Recipe #1: Beer Berry Muffins

Our sincere and yummy thanks to Chelsea Miller and Keri Bishop for being our finalists in last weekends Think Outside the Pint cooking with beer contest. It was part of the festivities at the well attended Bite Of Oregon.

As promised, here is Chelsea’s qualifying recipe. I’d highly recommend making these, as they were terrifically delicious (judges agreed!). You can use a variety of beers here – experiment and have fun!

Beer Berry Muffins, created by Chelsea Miller

Makes 18

Beer Berry Muffins



1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease muffin tin/s.

2. Pour the beer into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer or into a mixing bowl. Add the salt and baking powder and stir until dissolved.

3. Add the sugar and stir until combined. Add the flour and combine. Gently fold the berries into batter, being careful not to break them.

4. Combine the butter, brown sugar, and flour using a fork until crumbly.

5. Pour the batter into the greased muffin tin – each tin should be about 3/4 full. Sprinkle butter/sugar mixture on top of batter.

6. Bake the muffins in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, or until edges are golden brown. Let cool before removing from tins.

Enjoy them with a glass of the beer you used in the mix. YUM!

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WEB & The Bite Of Oregon

Last weekend found us with a cast of thousands of food & beverage enthusiasts at the Bite Of Oregon. What a treat!

It’s a celebration of the culinary delights in both liquid and solid form that Oregon can call its own. Being the 29th year of the event, and the 40th anniversary of Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) which the event benefits, I can tell you it was a pleasure to see it all come together.

We partnered with the SOOR to bring more beer to life. Specifically to help them connect with beer people: professionals, media and consumers. It was a super fun way to support and be involved in the effort – the crew we worked with was beerific too! Laura, Patty, Bjorn, Katie and the whole crew. Not to mention the other myriad workers, volunteers, vendors, and guests. We even had the pleasure of meeting one athlete who visited our booth. I loved finding out that roller skating is an Olympic event!

To recap, we were on the Chef’s Stage to edutain 3 times:

Saturday brought about ‘Got Beer?’ and ‘Good for what Ales you’ sessions. We helped the gathered audience get to know their beer, learning how to smell and taste it, talked about a variety of facets with terrific guest enthusiasts and professionals from the area, and extolled the virtues of beer.

Guest Enthusiasts

Emily, taking good care of the visitors to the WEB booth at The Bite Of Oregon 2012

We also had energetic audience members partner with the guests we invited, which added to the beery fun and learning. Thanks to Kris, Michelle, Christina, Shelley, Janey, and Buck for joining us on stage!

Sunday presented the finals of the “Think Outside The Pint” cooking with beer contest. As contestants Keri Bishop and Chelsea Miller took the stage and prepared their beer centric recipes, the audience was edutained by more guest judges.

Guests for this session were Sarah Barba of Fort George Brewery, David Schultz of Sysco, and Sam Reed of The Hop and Vine.

We appreciate everyone’s contributions in making the stage edutainment a success including the dishwasher Mikey, stage sound Jake, and stage area monitors Ruth and MaryAnn.

We’ll post the finalists’ recipes and lots of photos in the days to come.

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Raft & Craft 2012 Beer & Food Pairing Menu

Cheers to all the fine guests, guides and lodge crews for another fun & tasty Raft and Craft trip. ROW Adventures, just voted 2012 Worlds best Tour Operator by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and WEB partnered up again to deliver a memorable trip down the gorgeous Rogue River. Jamie Floyd, co-founder and founding brewer of Ninkasi Brewing was part of the trip as well, providing plentiful Ninkasi beers to pair with the foods presented each night.

The goal of the trip is to offer a singular experience, with an emphasis on beer and food together. As promised, the menu is below for all to enjoy.

Consider one of the many spectacular trips ROW offers. They’re very well done, all bias aside, with an eye on detail, safety and optimum guest experience. So glad to be a part of it.

Evening 1:

  • Radiant (fresh seasonal) with Un Mondo sausage
  • Oatis Oatmeal Stout with Annie’s graham cookies and chocolate covered almonds
  • Tricerahops Double IPA with raw Rumiano sharp cheddar cheese and walnuts

Evening 2:

  • Total Domination IPA with fresh grapefruit and wasabi peas
  • Maiden the Shade (seasonal) with Kettle brand chips – sea salt and sea salt & pepper
  • Believer Double Red with Denmark’s Finest (creamy) Havarti cheese and pecans


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Think Outside The Pint

Help Emily & I make the contest a tasty success!

Do you think outside the pint? Do you cook with beer?

If you do, you’re in good and growing company. Having been on live TV recently with a local station on cooking with beer, I can tell you people are interested. We all have to eat, so make it fun and tasty. Adding beer to the ingredient list is a beerific way to utilize beer you may not drink otherwise. Think: end of the growler, flat, remains of a keg. AND it still has loads of flavor to offer.

We’re working with the Bite to help bring more beer community members to the contest table. So here’s your charge: Submit a recipe that uses beer as an ingredient. The link to do so is right here. It’s easy and quick and you get to also submit a picture so have fun with it!

Special Olympics/Bite Of Oregon Crew - great people, changing lives

It’s not a skills or knowledge based competition: it’s designed to be fun and get people involved in cooking with beer, all towards a great cause: Special Olympics Oregon. Being that it’s the 40th year is a big benchmark too. Helps us make the event even greater!

Submit today!!! (the due date was actually over the weekend and we’ll take more submissions this week)

What a tasty and effective way to further integrate beer into our lives, celebrating in moderation and with your community, creating opportunity for more of us all over.

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Color in Beer

Color in beer naturally comes from the ingredients. It goes to follow then, that if you change the color you change the virtue of the beer. So says the highly knowledgeable John Mallett of Bell’s Brewing in Kalamazoo Michigan.

John Mallett stirring it up for his SAVOR salon

When John was giving his salon at SAVOR recently, he indicated just that sentiment: when you change the color, you change the virtue. I think that’s a good way to educate about color in beer. FYI – Salon title = Fade to Black: The Effect Dark Color has on Food and Beverage.

Beer has many virtues, one of which happens to be the first thing we generally notice: color. Because we notice it first, we can also be a premature beer racist. We call it ‘beer racism‘ if you decide to judge the beer by its color BEFORE the you give the beer the opportunity to give you all it’s got, on all fronts.

Sam of Dogfish tells people to ‘not be afraid of the dark’ – another good way to think about it. Martha – if you see this – he’s right. You should have at least courtesy sipped his beers on your show.

Try all the beers you can. If you use any kind of color descriptor, make sure it’s only explaining color. Since color does not automatically mean this or that. It means color has been imparted by the ingredients in the recipe. Yes, it can lead to some general patterns YET dark is just dark to start. Light is the same way.

There’s always way more than meets the eye. Let your taste buds lead the charge in enjoying beer with you eyes closed for good measure.

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Perpetuating the Village Brewer

Well dressed Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge (flanking Ginger) at SAVOR 2012

The third of the 3 Salon’s Ginger moderated at SAVOR 2012 last weekend featured the fast growing Ninkasi Brewing beers with tasty cheeses.

Founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge shared engaging insight on how Ninkasi came to be, how they two of them connected to found this NW juggernaut and why the Village Brewer idea is so important to our American communities. 

Rest assured, the beers we enjoyed perpetuated a delicious session: Radiant Ale, Helles, and Helles Belles among them.

Be sure to savor your beers, wherever you may be. Pairing them with food is even more rewarding and an ideal scenario to strengthen and create friendships. Cheers!

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Allagash and Cowgirls

SAVOR 2012 brought the singular opportunity for American’s to truly relish in the incredible flavors of beer and food together. If you like beer, hopefully you also see the enormous value and potential of putting food with your beer. You create different flavors when the two are mingling in your mouth, which is a huge part of the fun exploration.

Rob, Ginger, and Adam savoring the moment

Ginger of WEB moderated 3 Salons this year – the 2nd of the 3 featuring Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing and Adam Smith of Cowgirl Creamery matching (you guessed it!) beer and cheese.

We lead the group through a very tasty flight of 5 high quality beers and cheeses. Rob and Adam shared insights on what making cheese and involves, how they got into what they do respectively and in general had a totally delicious time around the all American beverage of beer.

Support your local brewer and your local cheese maker. What a fantastic way to get to know each other and build compassion, diplomacy, and goodwill.

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SAVORING Oregon Beer & Cheese

If you were able to attend SAVOR last weekend, you’d know it was a tastebud heaven focused on American beer & matching foods. Delicious is what we’d call it!

Happy and accomplished brewers Larry of Standing Stone (l) and Matt of Oakshire(r) at SAVOR Salon 2012

Ginger had the pleasure of moderating a few Salons, added value special sessions, Friday night. As promised to the crowd, here’s the menu of the early session Friday June 8th.

Perfect opportunity to keep the elevation of beer moving forward. Ideal flavor exploration opportunity. Stunning setting (National Building Museum).

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Women + Beer Advance: Agenda

Here’s the tentative agenda(updated 6.21.12)* for the inaugural Women + Beer Advance, dedicated to providing fun, engaging and stimulating education for all female beer enthusiasts. (Yes, it’s subject to minor changes, alterations and enhancements, as life can change; *as of 6.21.12)

All agenda items listed are included in the registration fees. Registrations can be made here. Sooner is better than later please.

Women + Beer Advance, 2 – 4 August 2012, Southern Oregon, USA

Thursday August 2nd:

Welcome reception & Beer30– social mixer for attendees, available presenters, and hosts to sip, nibble and meet.

5 – 9 pm, location pending, Medford

Friday August 3rd: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Opening & Welcome address by Ginger and the WEB crew

1045 – 1215 – In the Beginning: Beer Ingredients – supported by Roy Farms and Briess Malting

1230 – 2 pm Learning Lunch*, select Advance menu available for attendees at host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

1 pm* Dynamo Julia Herz, Brewers Association (via remote broadcast): “Taste Trip” interactive beer and food session as part of lunch

215 – 330 Good Sense! The Sensory Side Of Beer, Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Brewing

345 – 515 Alchemy of Beer & Glass, Glassware session lead by the Beer Goddess herself, Lisa Morrison featuring Offero Glassware. Lisa will have her books available to sign and purchase.

(Break for Dinner on your own)

7 – 9 pm W+B Beerwalk, Special PubQuest Maps provided guiding you to 4 Downtown Medford beer friendly places serving fresh, well cared for beer.

Saturday August 4th: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Classic Combinations: Beer & Cheese, Shawn Fels, Award winning Rogue Creamery

1045 – 1215 Economics of Beer, Larry Chase, professional brewer, Standing Stone Brewing. We’ll learn about the economics of beer – from buying ingredients to making the beer to getting it in your glass.

1230 – 2 pm Inspirations & Aspirations: special Advance select menu luncheon. Open floor question & answer time, at 4 Daughters Irish Pub

215 – 330 pm Sustainability of Beer, Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing (via remote broadcast)

330 – 400 Beer Resources – Discussion of more resources on beer, online and offline

400 – 430 Wrap up and Thank you, awards & goodies

5 – 6 pm Live Nationwide virtual tasting Guests queued to talk

745 pm Screening of The Love Of Beer, with Filmmaker Alison Grayson; brewer Tonya Cornett, 10 Barrel Brewing – long distance appearance


All travel investments are on your own. This high value advance includes a lunch both Friday & Saturday, otherwise there are plenty of choices close by to enjoy.

The area Chambers of Commerce can help direct you to places of accommodation and transportation. Medford, OR Chamber & Ashland, OR Chamber

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More Ground to Break: Inaugural Women + Beer Advance

Women Enjoying Beer, an independent, consumer based research and education company based in Ashland, Oregon will host an inaugural Women + Beer Advance this August 2 – 4 at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford, Oregon.

This event offers an educational opportunity for women to advance their enthusiasm for beer, build connections with other women who enjoy beer, and to have fun while learning more about beer.

Tapping into their love of beer, Ginger Johnson and guest speakers will create a collaborative conference celebrating beer in all forms. Guests include Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess), an appearance by Julia Herz (Brewers Association), and a screening of The Love of Beer with documentary filmmaker Alison Grayson.

The Women + Beer Advance kicks off on Thursday evening, August 2, with a Beer:30 social (location pending).  On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, attendees will experience a wide range of social activities and educational seminars including Beer & Food Pairings, Recipes for Cooking with Beer, the Economics of Beer, Beer Tasting Exploration, a discourse on ingredients and how they are used to create beer, and a pub walk.

Premium and Regular pricing information is available here.

Join Ginger Johnson and the crew of Women Enjoying Beer at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford for these enlightening sessions.

Early registration is available through June 15 and regular registration up to the opening of the event at

For further information please contact Ginger Johnson in Ashland, Oregon at  or 515-450-7757 or Emily Engdahl in Portland, Oregon at  or 503-502-1689. To place it on a local calendar contact Kat Blaisdell at

This press release and other media information can be found at

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is in the business of developing and serving the female beer consumer.  WEB partners with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast.  WEB also works with women directly to encourage their beer enthusiasm.  WEB does this work through marketing, focus groups, workshops, and events.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on prime opportunities, please visit or

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FORE! Courses at Cedar Links

WEB’s meet-up for May was at gracious repeat host, Cedar Links Golf Club in Medford Oregon. Kelley, his cool mom Theresa and fun server Alexis, all treated us well.

Every month Women Enjoying Beer meets at a location in the Southern Oregon area to learn about beer. The 1.5 hour meet-up revolves around a select 4 small pour beer and food pairing. We’re glad so many businesses are eager to welcome us in, we have anywhere from 10 to 30 women each time, and it’s loaded with fun, engagement and flavor exploration.

The menu we enjoyed, in order:

  • Boneyard RPM IPA with lemon pie on crushed graham cracker crust
  • Good Life India Brown with puff pastry and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Oakshire Line Dry Rye with Thai inspired chicken pasta
  • Good Life Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale with fresh baby tomato, basil, and mozzarella

With the pattern that is the meet-ups, we had Veterans (those who had been before) and Newbies. New attendees always receive a Welcome packet of goodies. I love giving away goodies and everyone likes getting them. It’s a simple, economical, and easy “thank you for being here” gift.

We also talked about American Craft Beer Week, the 2012 Rogue Flavor guide and took a short walk around a bit of the course before the event started.

So thanks to all – who attended, hosts, and supporters.

Beer businesses: if you choose to host women + beer groups, call on us first to help you develop a proper and successful plan. It’ll get you jump started in the right direction.

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2012 Swig & Stitch Season Finale

Last night we again enjoyed great company, interesting information from Sandi and learned about 3 new beer and food pairings. Swig & Stitch is a fabulous format for us to engage and encourage exploration of talents and tastes.

Pouring great things at Swig & Stitch

Here’s the menu served by our fantastic hosts:

We talked about examining our beer as well as intensity and pairing beer with food.

Education is fun and should be, no matter the crowd or teacher. Keep pushing (non snobbish) education forward – it’s good for all of us.

Beer focused Swig & Stitch is now on summer break, to return with great enthusiasm in September. If you want to join us, contact Fabric of Vision. It’s never too early to reserve your seat for the monthly episodes. These events fill up very fact and well in advance.

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