Rebecca (l) Crannog Ales, BC, Canada

North America has…how many breweries? (check PubQuest for an accurate number).

We need to remember that our friendly border to the north of the US of A has a thriving and growing beer scene as well.

So pints up to Rebecca, Michele, and all the others. Here’s a video of their solidarity.

One question – where are the females in brewing in Canada in this piece? I know they’re there.

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Toasty Brewer

Julia Herz (l) BA & Larry at the Craft Brewers Conference

I’ll take the opportunity today to highlight My Fine Husband, Larry Chase. He’s a professional brewer, is truly passionate about quality clean tasty beer and I love him for it (among other reasons).

The Brewers Association offers many benefits – among them featuring various members of the brewing community on site. Like here.

Good man, good beer, good dogs (see the picture). Good life.

Lucky me.

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Great Friends

Doug, Steve & Larry

Doug, Steve & Larry

Here we are – about 3400 of us (record year) – at the Craft Brewers Conference. Breathe it in – it feels GREAT!

It’s the annual craft beer industry gathering – full of seminars, conversations, great people, quality beer, opportunity and fun.

Last year I had the pleasure of addressing the group ala What About The Other 50%?! Developing And Serving The Female Beer Enthusiast. It’s fun to hear from people at the conference this year, whom I met last year, commenting on having attended my session.

The BA does a super job at picking presenters and I did not make the pool of speakers this year. Sigh. Nonetheless, I’ll try again next year. And I did get a media pass – which means I have tons to share to help spread the education forward (and for which I am very grateful).

So onto another big day of learning, meeting, reconnecting and building new relationships.

Cheers from Chicago!

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Cheers To Larry

p1030883Today the post is dedicated to my Fine Husband, Larry.

It was at a beer dinner (on a date headed South) that I first met him several years back. It’s his birthday today – so if you know him – or even if you don’t – send him some birthday wishes here.

Lucky am I.

Cheers Larry!

ox gcj

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Beer is Ageless

Rubicon is good beer to enjoy with any one over 21

Rubicon is good beer to enjoy with any one over 21

Here’s proof positive, 93 years in the making, that beer is ageless. What a great story.

Raise a glass with an Nonagenarian when you get the opportunity.

Cheers Marty!

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WEB meet up – April 1st, Beer & Desserts

Celia loves beer and dessert

Celia loves beer and dessert

Here’s the line up for the next WEB meet up in Ashland OR.

Let me know where you’d like to set up a WEB wing (Chelsey, I’ll call you back soon!) Education, social interaction, quality beer. GREAT combination.


April’s Women Enjoying Beer meet-up will be a week earlier than usual due to the Craft Brewers Conference which happens the following week in Chicago.

This month we’ll be savoring an ample selection of 4 lovely beers including Maui Brewing’s CoCoNut Porter with 4 hand crafted desserts – mmmmmmm! Is your mouth watering yet?!

Details: Thursday April 1st (no foolin’), 7 – 830 pm, Standing Stone Brewing, $15 each

Please call to reserve your spot by March 30th since these desserts are being lovingly custom made to fit the event 515.450.7757

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Ninkasi = Quality

One sign of good beer

One sign of good beer

A big shout out of thanks to Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon for their providing Women Enjoying Beer with three of their very tasty and well made beers last week. I can tell you the attendees were salivating – as many had tried at least one Ninkasi before.

As for me, it was a first try. There will be a second, third and so on.

Nicole, Laurie, Jamie and all the rest (whom I’ve yet to meet) are to be credited with sharing their beers with the beer community.

In fact, as we were holding the events (monthly meet up in Ashland OR), two of the servers at our host, Standing Stone, spoke up (loudly) when they realized the featured beers were Ninkasi – specifically Oatis Oatmeal Stout. Good Grief!

We enjoyed Oatis Oatmeal Stout, Total Domination IPA, and Believer Double Red.


Among other things, one of the regular attendees took the empty 22 ounce bottles home to put her homebrew into. Cool!

Be a Believer, Dominate and eat your Oatmeal.

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Doug & Dan

p1030340Pints up to Doug and Dan at Buckbean for this honor! I concur.

They invited me to be at the 1st CANFEST last October in Reno. Very cool to see a beer festival focused on canned beer.

Myth busting time folks!

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Kiwi Connection

Check this out – New Zealand even picked up on the scoop of Women Enjoying Beer…

Thanks to Rob & Rachel for getting this to WEB!

And by the way, Geoff, I’d be glad to come to New Zealand to help educate all enthusiastic and curious beer drinkers.


p.s. remember to be a beer geek not a beer snob.

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Worth Celebrating

p1020712Today is recognized as International Women’s Daywoo hoo!

Glasses up to all the incredible women the world over who help make the globe go round and round.

For those of you who may read and say “wait a minute…assigning gender makes WEB a sexist thing” – I can tell you flat out. You’re off base.

If you think WEB is about women, invest some time reading (better yet call me at 515.450.7757) and you’ll learn that Women Enjoying Beer is about education and experience for all. It happens to be an underserved and illserved population.

And at 50.9% of the population, it’s an enormous opportunity to address.

So a few women I’d like to salute today in the beer community include Jeri Kustelski, Rebecca Newman, Darcy Quinn, Teri Fahrendorf, Sebbie Buhler, Laura Ulrich, Rhonda Kallman, Corkie Odell, Melody Daversa, Jena Frances, Nicole, Danielle Amarotico, Christine McKeever and many others I’m surely forgetting at this exact moment.


p.s. for those of you in the Southern Oregon Area…here’s our next event.

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Cheers to Chris

Chris was one of the first people to reach out to say “come visit us” on our Home Free Tour last year. We were thrilled to get the invite as we reaaaallllly wanted to visit and stay in Jackson.

Snake River Brewing, Jackson WY

Snake River Brewing, Jackson WY

He’s indicative of the brewing community – generous, hospitable, smart, and all around really nice guy.

His blog sums it up well.

In addition to his personal hospitality, Snake River hosted an event with WEB. 19 beer enthusiastic women crammed into a small room to talk and listen. Great fun and education had by all. He’s right of course – their clientele knows their beer. It was fabulously invigorating.

Many thanks to him and his tolerant cats for letting us stay. We’re already plotting to return for another visit…welcome mat’s out in Ashland too, Chris.

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Lots of Chatter

Anna at the launch

Anna at the launch

Thanks to everyone – from Vancouver British Columbia Canada to Ashlanders in Oregon – for all the chatter you’ve generated per  last week’s Women Enjoying Beer recreational group launch.

It tells us that this is something many people want to talk about. Women and beer that is.

And talk about it we shall. The contacts people have reached out to make are fortifying and reaffirming that yes, Virginia, there is something to this conversation.

Be sure to get in touch if you want to be part of the info stream (all info is always safe – no sharing, renting, giving, etc. of personal data).


p.s. the next Ashland area event is already on the agenda…

p.s.s. if you want to see a group start in your area, get in touch…

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New Women Enjoying Beer Wing Launches Tonight!

p1040233Join us tonight if for the launch of the Ashland area/Southern Oregon/Rogue Valley (yet to be named) wing of Women Enjoying Beer.

If you’re a women who likes beer, would like to know more about it, is already knowledgeable – then come join the fun.

We’re meeting at Standing Stone Brewing Company from 7 – 9 pm tonight. A flight is included in the incredibly reasonably priced $10 event price. A 4 beer flight, program and great camaraderie are all part of the evening.

You’re more than welcome to order some tasty food on your own as well – they have a terrific locally focused, organically focused menu.

Call me at 515.450.7757 if you can make it. Hope to see you soon!

p.s. want to form your own group? Get in touch with me here.

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Home Free Thank You

It’s already been a full month since the Home Free Tour officially ended (followed promptly by a relocation to Ashland Oregon). We were on the road for well over 15,000 miles and more than 14 weeks all around this incredible

Sustainability wheel at Standing Stone

Sustainability wheel at Standing Stone

country of ours. Remarkable would be an understatement.

So I want to extend enormous thanks and express my gratitude for all the unerringly hospitable beer community people. They were all fun, enlightening and continue to fuel the passion to serve the beer community at large.

Specific thanks to these breweries, their great people, the tours and all you provided: Snake River Brewing, Jackson, WY; Wynkoop Brewing, Denver; Grand Teton Brewing, Victor ID; Bridgeport Brewing, Portland OR; Standing Stone Brewing, Ashland OR; Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico CA; Buckbean Brewing & CANFEST, Reno NV; Dogfish Head, Rehoboth & Milton DE; Rogue, Newport OR; Avery Brewing, Boulder, CO; Firestone Walker, Buellton & Paso Robles CA; Four Peaks, Tempe AZ; BJ’s Reno NV; Lazy Magnolia Kiln MS; Bell’s, Galesburg MI; New Glarus, New Glarus WI; Russian River, Santa Rosa CA; St. Arnold Brewing, Houston TX; Terrapin Beer, Athens GA; Willimantic Brewing, Willimantic, CT; Roy Farms, Moxee WA; Lawson’s Finest, Warren VT.

In transit (as usual) with two curious dog noses

In transit (as usual) with two curious dog noses

A huge thank you to all the fine hosts who either had a cozy place to stay, fed us, gave us some tasty beer, and/or welcomed us into their homes and breweries and businesses as respite on the trip: Chris Erickson, Teri Fahrendorf & Jon Graber, Alex & Danielle Amarotico, Steve, Christine, Sophie & George Parkes, Rebecca Newman, Doug Booth and Dan Kahn, Sam Calagione & Mark Carter, C V Howe, David Walker & Jamie Smith, Ted Golden and Andy Ingram, Dan Pedersen, Leslie & Mark Henderson, Ann Ewing and Thomas Wilson, Laura Bell and Gary, Dan Carey & Jean Henstl, Vinnie & Natalie Cilurzo, Rob Sizemore, Brock Wagner, Horace Cunningham, Sharon Caskey, Julie Johnson, Craig Purser, David Wollner, Seth Schneider, Ben & Amy Julian, Pete Mervin & Rob Mullin, April Green, Terrence Sullivan, John Martin & Jesse, Tyson Blake, Sean Lawson, John & Stacey Maier.

Mile 0 in Key West

Mile 0 in Key West

Additionally we stopped at places: Upstream Brewing, Omaha NE; The Library, Laramie, WY; Harvest Moon Brew, Belt MT; Bozeman Brewing, Bozeman, MT; Concordia Ale House, Portland OR; Caldera Brewing, Ashland OR; Triple Rock Brewing, Berkeley CA; Fifty Fifty, Truckee CA; Flying Saucer, Houston TX; Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA; San Diego Brewing, San Diego CA; Gritty McDuff’s, Portland ME; Sleepy Dog, Tempe, AZ; Kelly’s, Key West FL; Highland Brewing, Asheville NC; Triangle Brewing, Durham NC; Brickskeller, Washington DC; Crosby & Baker, Westport MA; Six Rivers, Arcata CA; Brewzzi’s, West Palm Beach FL; Magic Hat, Burlington VT; The Brewerie, Erie PA; Leinenkugel’s, Chippewa Falls WI; Barley John’s, New Brighton MN.

Beer & Dessert? Yes, 3 please

Beer & Dessert? Yes, 3 please

To those who gave us an extra hand as we carried on: Sebbie Buhler, Darcy Quinn, Steve Grossman, Ronnie Crocker, Greg Kitsock, Martin Wooster, Jonathon Lunardi, Julie Wartell, Ann Ewing, Erika Rietz & Jessica Daynor & Austin Wilson, Jake Harkins & Nikki Brodt, John Mallett, Claire Sykes, Jim Boyd,

To those we missed, well – there’s always hope and planning to do it again, with a different geographic route to see, meet, and enjoy more great beer and camaraderie together.

A glass is raised to you all – Cheers!!

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Lazy Magnolia Packaging

Lazy Magnolia Packaging

Hats off to the 5th Anniversary of Lazy Magnolia, Mississippi’s only brewery.

If you followed the Home Free Tour log, you’ll remember that Leslie and Mark were gracious hosts to me, my Fine Husband and our two dogs on the trip. Affording us comfy accommodations and a tour of their facility in Kiln.

One clever aspect about their packaging is the wrap-around way the images  are formatted. In a discussion with Mark,  he explained why they were wrapped and I think it’s a savvy tact.

Makes sense if you’re fighting for shelf space and can help encourage a 2 6-pack wide shelf space.

So cheers! Here’s to 5 more…and 5 more…

Makes me thirsty for the Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale.

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Holiday Tradition

p1040219Here’s a shot of a family holiday tradition – oyster stew and red beer at lunch. Every year I buy several batches of fresh oysters and freeze them to enjoy at later times in the year.

This batch was made by my Dad on Christmas Eve. Ahhhhhh! Perhaps yummmmmm would be better.

The beer? A solid Leinenkugel’s with vegetable juice, sprinkled with celery salt and ground pepper. It’s another family specialty for us in the right situation.

Usually I drink my beer straight. This is one beer cocktail I enjoy.

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The Eagle (Van) Has Landed

Looking out our deck in Ashland

Looking out our deck in Ashland

Thanks to everyone who followed the Home Free Tour of 2009. It was unbelievably incredible – and that’s an understatement to get to see this marvelous country of ours, meet remarkable people, savor great beer and good food, see the sites, talk with so many generous and kind folks.

There are now tons of stats in the arsenal to help WEB as well. We visited  well over 30 breweries on the route, traveled over 15,000 miles, met dozens of great people and have plans to return to several of the places we stayed. By the time we figured our way around town, it was time to move along.

I’ll cover the breweries in the coming weeks as well as other stories beer related to help us all continue to sustain and grow support of the beer community at large.

For now, know the welcome mat is out and ready in Ashland Oregon, where we landed. It’s gorgeous, wonderful to wake up to mountains as I have wanted to do for years, and breathe it all in.

With a good beer of course…there are 2 breweries in town already. Standing Stone and Caldera.


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Happy New Year!!

Looking forward...

Looking forward...

A glass full of good wishes for the new year.

Celebrate responsibly for all concerned – the world is bigger than any of us individually. Have fun, go to bed early, thank your lucky stars, enjoy a quality beer.

Enjoy the company of friends and family you value, toast the good things in life, stay open. Reach out, lift up, be happy.

See you next week.

Cheers + Peace.

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